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Colour aeroplane centre aluminium realise traveller learnt  
etc. etc. etc.
Random copy/paste
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"Premature ejaculation is fucking awesome. Who cares about womens' pleasure? It just means being able to kick them out faster. Discuss."
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yet another pic post
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(Fullsize linked, from gizmodo)
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Just because.  
More on Australian internet censorship
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Interesting read (,27574,24767142-29277,00.html)  
CARTOON characters are people too, a judge has ruled in the case of a man convicted over cartoons based on The Simpsons, in which children are shown having sex.  
In the New South Wales Supreme Court today, Justice Michael Adams ruled that a fictional cartoon character was a "person" within the meaning of the relevant state and commonwealth laws.
(Not that I condone similar material or even find it interesting.)  
Now does this mean that if the Australian government's mandatory internet filtering actually does come to fruit, that even sites like DeviantART are going to end up blacklisted?  
Further reading
Photo fun.
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Since it was such a lovely sunny day, I disappeared and took my little man to the beach. Just my luck though - I arrive and so do the clouds.  
Rufus loves the car:  
Too cold for my grandmother:  
We found a cave:  
He wasn't going to get away, leaving a trail behind:  
The sun, it burns!  
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Just because I took it earlier tonight.  
Arch Linux, Openbox, pypanel, irssi.
I swear, its not what it looks like
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Back to grumpy old "screw relationships, they're not worth the trouble" mode.  
*raises a middle finger at the world*
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It’s being reported that DECAPITATED drummer Witold “Vitek” Kieltyka has passed away at the age of 23 in a Russian hospital from injuries sustained in a recent road collision. More information is expected to be released shortly.  
Update: The band’s official site has been updated with the following message:  
“Witold ‘Vitek’ Kieltyka – our brother and dearest friend succumbed to head injuries sustained after a bad van accident while on tour in Russia. He was 23.  
One of the youngest and most promising drummers in the genre, together with DECAPITATED he has consistently released albums both crushing and invigorating in their musicianship.  
Extremely talented – he has been involved in other side projects: DIES IRAE, PANZER X. He will be missed and can not be replaced.  
The metal scene will be much sorrier with his passing…”
Sad news. On a lighter note, I shall be disappearing for a week or so for my cousin's wedding.
I do believe this needs captioning.
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No comment.
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I just levelled up.  
I'd rather stay at level 20, since "lurker" works better for me.
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More lame crap on DeviantArt.
More crappy web development.
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I randomly came across somebody's code that generates valid urls for myspace profile pictures, so I thought "What can I do with this?".  
So I ripped the guts out of the script, and quickly whipped up a page - *snip*  
It generates random image urls, then echoes them to the page with a link to the user's profile. Of course there are going to be quite a few dead links on occasion, so I did some quick research and found a GPL'ed PHP class that validates links. Unfortunately though, it puts a huge strain on my little webserver, and can't be good for my connection either. It works well though, just don't abuse it *snip*.  
Other than that, I have nothing to write about. Hoorah!  
* Update: I've noticed that the profile links aren't working in alot of cases. I'll remove that.  
* Another update: This is totally dead now that cryspace migrated photos to their new system. Link removed.
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What to do, what to do...
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Now that I've failed in my desperate attempt at scraping the bottom of the employment barrel, I can't see anywhere else to go from here.  
If only there was somewhere better for me to go, where there are decent job prospects. But no, I'm stuck in this stinking anus of an area, in the middle of sodomizing nowhere.
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Boredom + Camera + GIMP =  
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Still waiting on this new job. It took 3 weeks for them to organise an interview, which was today. It went well, but now I have another week of waiting. Then there's a physical and a test to see if I'll react to a "Q fever" immunisation (I'll be working around cattle). _Then_, another week to see if there's a reaction, and more hoops to jump through.  
Since this is so boring, here's a little entertainment.
expletive deleted
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What a fun couple of days. Where to start?  
My ISP was meant to upgrade my DSL on the 7th (the start of this month's billing period), and still haven't done it. Not only that - they attempted to do their thing at the local exchange and knocked out our phone line.  
Meanwhile, I've been waiting since last Thursday for a phone call about a job application. I didn't bother putting my mobile number on the forms, so if they've been trying to call here there has been no answer. We have no dial tone or anything, but anybody calling us is just having the call ring out.  
I tried calling them about 15 minutes ago, and got f---ed [edited by Admins] around trying to find the right person. Their entire H.R. department happened to be out, and now I have no credit left on my phone.  
A public service announcement from Freddy Kreuger's Ünderwear
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I'm a dirty, dirty spamwhore.
Who needs anger management anyway?
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Yeah, more junk picture posting
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I was thinking tonight, and I've been on lf a really long time. Its funny that my level doesn't show it. A "lurker user" indeed.  
I put it at early 2004, when I was wasting time instead of doing my class work while studying for an IT diploma. Its kinda the teachers' fault actually - We had a weekly project of investigating a new technology and reporting it orally to the class on Monday mornings. Through research for this, I discovered Daily Rotation, which displays a feed from LF among the large number of headlines from tech sites.  
Once I'd clicked to check out more of, I was hooked.  
I remember there being several other sites that I discovered through Daily Rotation. being one of them that I'd completely forgotten about until today. I must've become bored with that one.  
Then there was LinkSwarm, which I lurked at quite alot. Unfortunately though, it turned to shit. It went from being a really entertaining website full of amusing links, to the shadow of itself that it is today; Stupidity, porn, and fake links that redirect to I'm glad LF hasn't suffered the same fate.  
There's also the story behind my username. When I registered, this account was going to be disposable and I wasn't intending to actually post anything other than comments with it. "Test"icle.
Definitely the coolest thing I've heard in a really long time.
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"Where Monsters Dwell", by Engorged.  
Catchy as hell Death/Thrash Metal cross-over, with goofy lyrics about sea-monsters, pirates, zombies, and aliens.  
Engorged on  
Engorged on Last.FM  
If this entry sounds awfully spammy, that wasn't the intent.
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Because I have nothing better to do, and I'm a goofy bastard like that.