Reporting in General
Posted by ricardo 15 years ago
I read that our VP watches FOX for his news and applauds their efforts,along with Ralph Reed.I understand now why my Dad soaks this reporting in.We are about 2 years into a mild stroke that has left him with few serious side effects.Well on the road to semi-normal senior activities,the day does not pass without his FOX news fix.The method of their madness has Dad drawn in.  
Looking past the facts for the what I call the "ring the bell" effect FOX shouts to their audience.The group in control of the White House has perfected  
this method of governing.Maybe this is in reaction to the prior administrations  
vain attempts to read the daily poll pulse.Where this leads the veiwer as voter  
is that thought is a burden.JUST DO IT.But Dad,you once said that there are three sides to a story;yours,mine and the right one.