Once in a Lifetime (PLease)
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Some cool shots from a person up north. They were forwarded to me anonymously if you know who took them, let me know. Thanks!  
Aerial Combat over Lake Tapps , Washington  
Here's a once-in-a-lifetime event captured on film...  
The fellow sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck never realized the show he was missing.  
(620 mm effective Focal Length)  
The little duck watches as the Eagle speeds straight at him at about 40 mph.  
(760 mm effective Focal Length)  
With perfect timing, the duck always dove and escaped with a mighty splash! Then he'd pop to the surface as soon as  
the Eagle flew past. This was repeated over and over for several minutes. I worried the poor duck would tire and that would be the end of him.  
(1,040 mm effective Focal Length)  
A second Eagle joins the attack! The duck kept diving "just in time", so the Eagles began to dive into the water after him!  
(1,150 mm effective Focal Length)  
After several minutes the Eagles got frustrated and began to attack each other.  
They soon began to dive vertically, level out, and attack head-on in a good old-fashioned game of high-speed "Chicken". Sometimes they banked away from each other at the last possible second. Other times they'd climb vertically and tear into each other while falling back toward the water. (The duck catches his breath at the right side of this picture.)  
(900 mm effective Focal Length)  
A terrible miscalculation! The luckiest shot of my life catches this 100 mph head-on collision between two Bald Eagles.  
(1,320 mm effective Focal Length)  
One Eagle stayed aloft and flew away, but the other lies motionless in a crumpled heap. The lucky duck survived to live anotherday .  
(486 mm effective Focal Length)  
It's sad to watch an Eagle drown. He wiggled, flapped and struggled mostly underwater. He finally got his head above water and with great difficulty managed to get airborne.. To my astonishment, he flew straight toward me, and it was the most wretched and unstable bird flight I've ever seen!  
(620 mm effective Focal Length)  
The bedraggled Eagle circled me once - then lit atop a nearby fir tree. He had a six-foot wingspread and looked mighty angry.  
I was concerned that I might be his next target, but he was so exhausted he just stared at me. Then I wondered if he would topple to the ground. As he tried to dry his feathers, it seemed to me that this beleaguered Eagle symbolized America in its current trials.  
(1,200 mm effective Focal Length)  
My half-hour wait was rewarded with this marvelous sight. He flew away, almost good as new. May America recover as well.  
(1,400 mm effective Focal Length)  
For a limited time
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Open Membership in The Torrent Source. Fast Fresh stuff. Got some rules to follow but as long as you give as good as you get, no worries.
You may already know
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pdxpogo> OK I am 3 minutes into No.1 Detective Ladies Agency and know it is a winner on many levels. Get it, you know where, you will not regret it (later) even if is not your cuppa up front.  
Brilliantly offensive informative and down right funny. It should tickle your fancy any which way. I can let Battle Star Galactica go (after the finale). At least it is a series that can let you get to know elsewhere. Enough truth to seem real enough difference to make you think. Soundtrack is nothing to sneeze at as well.  
Just watch it see if you don't like it.
Interesting thread
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Found on MeFi essentially calling for the nationalization of banks. I have read and reread the proposal and it still makes sense. I would allow private banking to continue in competition with national banks, there should be a source of funds for speculation (gods know it is part of the human condition) but the public good is not served by gambling and greed and thus the risk of inflated ego's are not shared by the rest of us.  
We do NOT bail out existing banks, we create new ones funded by tax dollars that insure that money lent is money spent, not speculated. Leverage is an attractive nuisance, child's play. There is a real need for boring banking but it needs to be separated from speculation. So we create national banks that fund real needs and let private banks finance pipe dreams. There is money to be made funding dreams but the rest of us need a stable banking system. Of course this assumes that our democratic institutions are incorruptible not likely but at least we get to vote on the direction we move in. No more money for the greedy. Use public money for public good let those who wish use the private sector where the vig doesn't come down on the rest of us.  
The bloodletting will be painful but no more to the most of us than what is already in store. No banking bailout. Create a national bank that lends money where it is needed and let the Mafia cover the rest. Usury used to be a term debated. Time to let the debate rage. The FDIC should only cover banks that play by the rules. Let the consumer decide. Deregulation has reared it's ugly head and shit down your throat.
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OK I admit not a fanboy of graphic novels they were comic books when I grew up. I collected DC and Marvel's 15 cent pictographs like crazy. I loved Dr. Strange and Thor. I liked the Flash and Batman. Nick Fury was a hero of mine and I dreamed about the X-Men. I remember Supercar and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Science Fiction is my genre. So I am behind the times on graphic novels (sounds like an euphamism to me). From what I can gather from the current buzz The Watchmen is the quintessential graphic novel not counting the Illustrated Classics that I grew up with. I missed it, too busy snorting coke and getting laid I guess, a different generation. So there are my bona fides I don't have any pre-conceived notions of what it should be.  
I followed the hype witnessed the out pouring of angst concerning the studio battle of making the story vs owning it. All very entertaining and titillating.  
Comes the movie. First off I'm a destitute plebe and can't scrape up the dough for a ticket so I gotta get a cam from the Torrents. First torrent I download is wizard sound is good picture is surprisingly good Bob Dylan is singing I tune I like and then the fsking audio is poorly dubbed Spanish. WTF things happen. Spent three hours dl'ing this movie only to find my elementary command of Spanish was enough to tell me this movie sucks or at least it doesn't translate well. Back to the torrents and an English language one shows up so dl that one. After 5 hours I am ready to watch, a very poor cam you could count the pixels... buy a ticket trust me don't dl the crap I did. Sound is OK and when you are desperate you will watch anything.  
The opening montage establishing an alternate universe is OK, like I am grooving on the tune. The beat down of the Comic that preceeded it was OK, I'm a guy like teh fight scenes, the fact that the watchmen were mostly human with no special powers meant I didn't expect someone to lift a 100 kilo body and throw em through a plate glass window. no that is OK it is a movie. Just a little unbelievable for "normal" human beings. Yes you can be lucky and yes you can be prepared, but the laws of physics do apply. When the point of the movie is to stress the ordinary nature of masked crimefighters well you need to make them ordinary. The Comic took more punishment with a smile than Jack Bauer, one tough son of a bitch, his bravado was cinematic what can you say.  
Well you can say it with a smiley face and a drop of blood. And they did.  
The story develops through flashbacks and narration provided by Rorschach a paranoid sociopath (likeable I'm guessing). Someone is killing masked avengers while the world goes to hell in a hand basket (Nixon has been elected 5 times).  
Meanwhile a true superhero in the form of Billy Crudup cgi'd beyond recognition runs around blue and makes perfect sense. Dr. Manhattan is the only adult in the film, and he isn't human. Nightowl is a nerdy horndog played pretty well by some actor (Patrick Wilson not trying to slight him) and the object of his desire Malin Åkerman (Silk Spectre II) has a very desireable ass indeed it is showcased in the softporn scenes laced throughout the movie.  
Sex does run rampant in this movie, we know that it and violence sells, we have rape and seduction plus a hint of dp when the blueman group gets involved with Ms Silk II, when three blue hands were on the screen you knew something was going on.  
Well they left room for a sequel and I have no doubt this will generate enough buzz for another swing. Rorschach is pretty damned interesting I want more of him. I can see a lot more of Malin Åkerman. Dr Manhattan is a demi-god he works too, they killed off the Comic too bad.  
Like I said buy a ticket the torrent sucks, the movie didn't rock me like The Matrix but it is entertainment. If you are a Watchmen fan enjoy...
Up Down Bleem, Thoughts on American Justice
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moved from comment stream to my journal  
It is a lot of people. Some may just need a bullet to the back of the head. Others need to have their peepee whacked. Others were smokin a bowl minding their own business and got popped. Why are they in jail?  
Thing is what does it say about the system when we have this many of us locked up? Believe me if the "rules" were applied fairly there would be a hell of a lot more of us behind bars. It just seems to me there has to be a better way than putting people away to the tune of $30K a year.  
We have arguments about whether it is better to lock someone up rather than use DNA evidence to prove their innocence. They were caught, tried, convicted end of story... all appeals exhausted. The need for revenge trumps reason. I guess you gotta draw the line somewhere.  
Death penalty should be enforced by interested parties, with ball peen hammers, in a locked room. You have 30 minutes with the perp, get to it. Just be damned certain you have the right person otherwise all the ball peen hammerers get their own visit to the aggrieved party room. I will not deny anyone the right of vengeance but I will not have the dirty work done for you. Nor will I put down a human being like a sick animal, if the deed needs to be done it should be done with a cost to those that seek vengeance I have no doubt some will gladly pay others may reconsider.  
You have addicts in jail. Why? Treat them, dry them out, get em some training, get em working, and get them paying taxes. Otherwise give em some really good shit and let them OD. You can try and fix em but they really need to fix themselves. Seriously it is my experience that an addict will do anything for their high, that means they will even act normal to get their fix. Just put them in a maintenance program with a reliable source of a cheap high and they will be happy to do anything you ask of them. Clearly cheaper to medicate junkies than to lock them up or have them running around stealing crap to support their high because our prohibition based society creates an overpriced black market for them to deal with. Eliminate prohibition it costs much more than the alternative. This is a fact. The morality of altered states is an interesting debate, but one that we as a society pay too much for when we can debate for free.  
When you deal with the truly evil bastids, the addicts and the sex offenders, you are left with the ignorants and the crazies.  
Some people are so unable to learn to cope with this society that they need special handling. This will always be the case in a society defined by bell curves. Does warehousing them make sense? Terminally dumb/insane may be the verdict, sterilise them don't let them reproduce because dumbness and insanity does have a genetic component. Unfortunately as our society has progressed we have made it easier and easier for bad genes to propagate. Educate if possible otherwise let them know that being criminally stupid/insane has a price, this is where I support a three strikes law, none that currently exist are what I am thinking.  
I do mean terminally stupid/insane here folks we should not warehouse idiots. Where we can treat insanity we must. Therapy and medication for those that need it and respond. Where we can educate we will, but the adage you can lead a horse to water needs to be kept in mind. Insane is defined as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. It isn't easy to pin down. I understand it is a slippery slope but some actions are just plain bat shit crazy and we need protection from this type of actor. I am not addressing harmless delusions of any stripe everyone should be allowed to have those, that is freedom. People can believe in what ever they care to and act on such beliefs up to and til it becomes a mess we have to clean up. There is no law against stupidity, hate, and obsession, you are free to be as crazy as you want to be just don't make a mess we need to clean up.  
If you are going to demand that people act responsibly you need to see to it that they have a chance to do so. Our institutions of education need to teach the difference between being a member of the society and the unfettered pursuit of happiness. They are not mutually exclusive but they often diverge. It may take time to educate some people but they do need to understand that criminal behavior is not acceptable. We give them education and a fresh start as in go and sin no more. We do it twice. The third time is the charm so to speak. If we make an honest effort to educate and provide a path to success and the individual persists in self gratification and destructive behaviors they get to realize the ramifications of those choices.  
If we had a place of exile I'd understand offering the person a choice of exile or a bullet but where on earth is there a place to put these self involved idiots? Used to be the US or Australia (apologies to the Amerinds and Abos). Sorry we don't have a land other than Antarctica that fits the bill these days. So we can't inflict the stupid on any civilized landmass so bullet to the back of the head. If your life is so bad that you cause us to sit up and take notice THREE times well it is time you let us get on with our lives. Back on the wheel of life for you, better luck next time.  
It is Darwinian one can always hold out hope but the fact remains that society can only do so much.  
We do need a safe haven for those seeking to do better and learn, we should provide that. In this society with our command of technology we should be able to give everyone that cannot find a purpose on their own, something to do that allows them a chance to be a member of the society. At the same time we need to stress that unacceptable behaviors have ultimate consequences. Our laws need to reflect this we have thousands of rules with "appropriate" consequences, I do not see it working so well.  
If someone makes a mess they should clean it up. If they can't clean it up by themselves (using family & friends) and society has to clean up the mess after them, that would be a strike.  
Offenders would be given time to clean up their messes, the act of cleaning up the mess is the punishment so to speak. If the mess is cleaned up to a satisfactory end the strike is erased. This doesn't mean you can pay for your mistakes with money and or influence. It means you haven't been put on notice YET. We learn from our mistakes.  
Some messes cannot be cleaned up. Some messes are accidents there is still room for jurisprudence. Parties however should not seek to avoid blame. Actions have consequence. Accept that you may have had a role in a mess and that society has to clean up after you. That is a strike. It is a bummer but you learn, grow and we move on together. We will see that you are schooled in the ways of your error. We love you and value you as a member of society everyone can make a mistake. Many of us will be lucky to live our lives without a strike.  
Strike Two is a serious offense. It may be a mess that came out of left field with no intent on your part to mess up. OK we will examine this mess to the nth degree, we will further educate you and leave you with the knowledge that one must be extra careful in living in a society that is tolerant but practical. We explain to you and ourselves that something happened somewhere through the choices you have made to put you in grave danger as in danger of the grave. This assignment of strike two will not be easily arrived at as a society we call strike two as a last resort to protect ourselves. We want you to succeed we need you on the team. At this point a sober player may want to sit on the bench for a while, we can let you do that. We prefer that you do, hopefully at some point you will understand the error of your ways and seek another swing. This on the bench time is pretty much voluntary, you will labor for your room and board as you take a time out. You will have a structured supportive existence while you recover your senses. Convince us you are contrite and understand you are marked for organ donation. You can get back in the game. In times past our society supported large numbers of communities given over to contemplation. I don't think it is a bad idea. Doesn't have to be religious just a place for people to take time out, do the simple work of moving through a ritual paying their way through honest labor. I think many folk could benefit from having such a place to retreat to.  
Strike three is moving beyond coincidence into a pattern. The universe just might have a hard on for you. What are we supposed to do as a society? If you refuse to play by the rules you can't play. We made the rules to keep the game safe and fun. We tried not to make arbitrary rules and allow everyone as much freedom as possible, but we can't let every whim and fantasy be realized if they harm others or cause enough havoc in society that we are now faced with a third mess to cleanup. There is no appeal it is just the law. We will not give you a loaded gun or a cup of hemlock you could have taken that route at any point up to strike three. Now you are an object lesson for the rest of us.  
Your story will be told, we will try and understand how you arrived at this point and how we now have to act to protect ourselves. You will be executed and this execution will be public, hopefully it will be instructive. You will be an organ donor not a total waste of our efforts to help you be a welcome productive member of the body politic.  
Does society reach a point where individuals lose their value? Can we make and maintain a place for misfits or do we simply let the individual opt out and cease to worry about them (aka a bullet to the back of the head)? Where does punishment end and redemption begin?  
Seems to me there has to be a better way to deal with what ails us.  
What American Accent Do you Have?
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What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Midland "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
The Beauty of Greed
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Laurie Childs just sent me an email
Posted by pdxpogo 10 years ago
A copy of an invoice for something I couldn't have ordered (I have no credit cards) it is a PDF attachment. It is subtle looks very innocent but there is a hole in adobe crap. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you. I opened the file in a virtual machine and it was loaded with vundoo  
remove all old copies of java and use foxit for your pdfs save yourself from schysters like me that will charge you north of $100 to clean this crap off your system.
So how bad is it really OS vulnerabilities spyware etc?
Posted by pdxpogo 12 years ago
I just ran a spyware scan for the first time in 5 months... I had tracking cookies up the wazoo (expected) msn adobe paypal realmedia use tracking cookies, but no spyware. I have no active spyware protection I run Windows XP Pro that I have automatic updates turned on.  
I surf all over the net for hours at a time probably look at 100 different new web sites a day sometimes more no problems.  
What I don't do:  
"Free" Games  
Social networking MySpace Facebook etc...  
Cutsy free apps like weatherbug or free smileys or trick cursors, wallpaper, calendars, and downloaders, password caches etc.... "Freeware" isn't always free do research on any program you download.  
I don't open unexpected file attachments or surf to web links passed to me in emails especially if they come from "my bank" "paypal" or "e-Bay". I use Outlook 2003's built in spam filter and average 2 or 3 pieces of spam a day. If I do want to explore suspect links or websites I do it from a virtual machine that I can throw away if it gets munged up. I have a good idea what I am getting into when I do go to dodgy sites professional curiosity being what it is.  
I do use a bittorrent client but mainly to download software with the occasional movie or TV show.  
I use IE 7.0 mostly although I have modified it to report as google bot and some SSL protected web sites refuse to let me in so I switch to FireFox, that isn't a failing of IE just silly "security" programming some web guru thought they should include on those web sites. My security settings on IE are set not to run unsigned activeX and to prompt for any other activeX. I use Sun's Java virtual machine.  
On the other hand I have seen some nasty machines in my job with thousands of pieces of spyware and viruses. Heh you have to know where they have been.  
The best defense against spyware and viruses is your brain use it!
OK I need help
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What is Money?  
I understand it makes the world go round.  
It is the stuff that we all slave for.  
It is a substitute for barter, it facilitates transactions.  
It is a game with rules that change from time to time because of the threats we allow others to make.  
Where does it fit in to human psychology?  
Stuffed Sweet Peppers
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Haven't made these in a while but they are good so lets go!  
You can be a purist and fire up 2 cups of Jasmine/Basmati Rice that is 3 cups of water for 2 cups of rice in my rice cooker.  
Or you can get yourself a Uncle Bens "Quick Rice" Pouch and boil that up by directions.  
Preheat oven to 350 F.  
Brown up 1 ib of Hamburger (I like extra lean 7% fat)  
Dice up a medium sweet onion (about 3/4 cup loose) add that to hamburger.  
1 TSP of chopped fresh garlic 1 TBLSP if you use garlic power  
1 TBLSP of Kosher Salt  
1 TSP Fresh ground Pepper  
1 TBLSP of Italian Seasoning  
Add the seasoning to the hamburger/onion mix mix well spread it around  
Cut the tops off 4 Green (other color sweet pepper) Sweet Peppers  
Remove the seeds and any support structures inside the pepper. Cut peppers in half top to bottom.  
Dice the tops of the peppers up add to the hamburger.  
When rice is done let it sit for 10 minutes or so running a fork through it to keep it from glomping up.  
Add browned hamburger to rice mix well. (if you use regular hamburger drain off the grease first)  
In a greased (pam) baking dish layout pepper halves skin side down fill pepper halves with rice hamburger mixture. Top pepper halves with tomato sauce (Ragu Prego works too).  
Place in oven for 45 minutes. 30 minutes in add another spoon of tomato sauce to peppers.  
After 45 minutes top each pepper half with a slice of provolone cheese. Return to oven let cheese melt.  
Remove and serve hot with a salad on the side.  
Serves 4  
Dress up your Ramen
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
OK you need  
1 Tbsp of Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice  
1/4 tsp of cumin  
1/2 tsp of chili powder  
1/8 tsp of fresh ground black pepper  
3/4 lb or so of shelled shrimp (40-60 count)  
Combine ingredients in a bowl add shrimp and toss coating well let sit for  
20 min or so @ room temp giving the shrimp a chance to soak up some flavor.  
1 15oz can of Black beans drained and rinsed.  
1 10oz package of frozen corn (I use a 16 oz package but I love corn)  
1/2 cup of chopped green onion  
1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro  
1 jar of medium/mild chunky salsa (Victoria works for me)  
boil 4 cups of water  
add two packages of broken up Ramen noodles (do not add flavor packets)  
Boil one minute  
Add shrimp Boil two minutes  
Add beans, corn, and salsa heat everything through.  
Add Onion and cilantro stir well serve!  
Serves 3 to 4 people.  
Optional kick add Shribachi Chili sauce to taste. I like to sweat!  
New Harry Potter Book Title Available
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On the official site you can play a game of hangman to guess the book title.  
Of course you have to solve the puzzles along the way to get to the game.  
Start with the eraser on Rowling's desk...  
Spoliers in the comments.
Eye Exercises
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
Can you find the C? (Good exercise for the eyes!)  
Once you’ve found the C……….  
Find the 6!  
Once you’ve found the 6…  
Find the N! (it’s hard!!)  
via Treebeard31
An Oldie but Goodie
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
Ten Rules for Being Human  
by Cherie Carter-Scott  
1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire period.  
2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, "life."  
3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately "work."  
4. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.  
5. Learning lessons does not end. There's no part of life that doesn't contain its lessons. If you're alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.  
6. "There" is no better a place than "here." When your "there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will again look better than "here."  
7. Other people are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.  
8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.  
9. Your answers lie within you. The answers to life's questions lie within you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.  
10. You will forget all this.  
Saw this years and years ago not sure who the original author was may very well be Ms. Carter-Scott. As rule 10 says we forget this set of rules so here is a reminder for me and anyone else who may have forgotten.  
Caption This Picture
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In case you missed it. A Linkfilter reunion of sorts!
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
heppi anniversary MIKE and SanDI!  
Schauspieler> http://www.google.com/trends?q=f- ried+chicken%2C+bacon&ctab=2&dat- e=all&geo=all more popular than bacon?  
thatmikeykid> the chicken has entered his bloodstream. it's only a matter of time now.  
crataegus> hey, fd.  
!! DonkaWechico is around.  
thatmikeykid> woo! thanks fuzzyD!  
Schauspieler> more popular than bacon?  
FuzzyDave> hola crat & shausi  
Schauspieler> howdy  
pdxpogo> salid fd!  
FuzzyDave> my blog just got slammed by a bunch of hits from LF, so i thought i stop by and investigate.  
shigpit> This is intriguing  
shigpit> FuddyDabe!  
thatmikeykid> hey fuzzydave is the videowombat blog yours?  
thatmikeykid> took me all day to put that together  
thatmikeykid> hehe  
pdxpogo> we miss you but am glad you stops by from time to time  
FuzzyDave> ayup. I am the VideoWombat  
thatmikeykid> yeah it is indeed nice to see yas  
thatmikeykid> nifty  
!! Aphexian is around.  
pdxpogo> I noticed you were bitchin about all your Googlevideo stuff ;-)  
pdxpogo> wasn't much on the wombat the other day I think you had just started it  
FuzzyDave> i wish i'd been able to get ahold of shigpit last week. over 11 percent of all of my visitors were from israel. I was ecstatic. "I finally have Jew Appeal!"  
FuzzyDave> pdx: yeh. it's only a couple weeks old.  
thatmikeykid> heheeh  
thatmikeykid> i think champy posted it here  
shigpit> LMAO  
beaglebot> Fuzzy!  
FuzzyDave> shiggy: if i get my Israel stats up to 20 percent can i be amember of the tribe?  
beaglebot> Traitor!  
pdxpogo> I followed a beag link to his station wagon thing which led me to the wombat  
FuzzyDave> beagles! christ, it's like Old Home Week  
* * * shigpit sends a mohel after Fuzzy with a rusty knife.  
beaglebot> Si si  
FuzzyDave> beag: VW got a shitload o' hits from LF. i had to investigate.  
FuzzyDave> turns out Champers posted the linky on the main page.  
beaglebot> I just saw that  
thatmikeykid> linkfilter in action!  
* * * thatmikeykid puts on his trademark otter hat.  
beaglebot> I was doing unspeakale things to pictures of Kari Byron so I was distracted  
FuzzyDave> tonight i tracked down a visitor whom i didn't know and discovered that he'd set up a link to VW in his blog. I gots Stranger Appeal now.  
Schauspieler> I want an trademark otter hat!!!!  
beaglebot> sweet, I'm still waiting  
pdxpogo> shiggers fuzzy and beag on the same screen!  
beaglebot> Tho I need to mvoe my statcounter code to eb 2.0 to get some proper stats  
FuzzyDave> Shigger and Fuzzy and Beagles -- OH MY!  
Schauspieler> Beware the Stranger Danger!  
* * * pdxpogo is having a flashback  
beaglebot> You need a VW cafepress store  
FuzzyDave> I'm trying to design an Official Wombateer hat  
thatmikeykid> maybe it can be made reversible  
thatmikeykid> we'll have to outsource the labor to bengladesh though  
beaglebot> Hell, I'm still working on getting that banner to replace the blue thing in woprdpress  
FuzzyDave> Reversable??? so one could turn the hat inside out and see the wombat's guts?  
thatmikeykid> well sure, or whatever else you deemed amusing  
beaglebot> ooooo  
!! bear is around.  
beaglebot> wombutt  
thatmikeykid> or maybe it's happy on one side, and angry on the other  
FuzzyDave> hey, you brought it up. Freak.  
thatmikeykid> wombats are fickle creatures.  
!! fabulon7 is around.  
FuzzyDave> :)  
crataegus> You turn it inside out and end up it's an echidna on the inside.  
thatmikeykid> just lookin' out for your marketing strategy. it's important.  
thatmikeykid> hehe  
!! Mac123 just posted TypoTracker - Find the cheapest eBay listings instantly!.  
* * * deathburger ties FD's shoelaces to the couch legs so he can't leave.  
FuzzyDave> or turn it inside out to reveal a plush, molecular model of chlamydia  
thatmikeykid> with moving parts!  
thatmikeykid> and scent-emitting diodes  
thatmikeykid> hell while we're at it, it needs a laser.  
crataegus> blork  
FuzzyDave> mmmm....crustilicious...  
FuzzyDave> so, i gotta design a hat featuring a chlamydia-infected, reversible marsupial with laser-guided scent appeal?  
thatmikeykid> blork= bjork + bacon  
FuzzyDave> That is soooo September 10th.  
shigpit> Where's ufx when you need him?  
thatmikeykid> yes.  
thatmikeykid> and i want the first one that rolls of the bengladeshian assembly line  
FuzzyDave> you gotta deal, mikey  
thatmikeykid> saying "That is sooooo September 10th" is so September 10th  
thatmikeykid> yay!  
beaglebot> .  
thatmikeykid> can someone spare a vote for this link, so i don't miss out of the refundage? kthx!  
thatmikeykid> me!  
FuzzyDave> i was just gonna ask if anyone needed refunds before i leave!  
thatmikeykid> woot!  
thatmikeykid> thankee  
deathburger> Fine, don't say hi to me. I don't like you anyway, meanie. ;p  
FuzzyDave> DB! you big dumb poopyhead!  
thatmikeykid> hi!  
* * * thatmikeykid beams.  
FuzzyDave> come on folks: post yer GimmeVotes link.  
Schauspieler> Fuzzy Nudge  
FuzzyDave> i can't remember what the URL string is for that anymre.  
thatmikeykid> if you insist..  
deathburger> The refunds got jacked up recently, now you have to hit an 8.0 average out of 12 votes.  
Schauspieler> Yay!!!! Thanks Fuzzy  
thatmikeykid> oh boy there we go  
FuzzyDave> cripes that's high  
!! philipov is around.  
thatmikeykid> refunds are much more rare these days  
crataegus> It has cut down on refundafscking  
deathburger> Seems to work though. Got more users these days, I guess the idea was to keep people from monopolizing the front page.  
deathburger> And that other stuff.  
shigpit> So's FuzzyDave, but we digress.  
!! Timmy is around.  
!! thatmikeykid posted a poll 'Does FuzzyDave make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?'.  
shigpit> So's FuzzyDave, but we digress.  
shigpit> And you don't want ME rare, otherwise you open yourself up to many diseases.  
deathburger> Nice blog btw, it's getting bookmarked. :)  
21:50:17> pfttt  
Schauspieler> LOL Shiggy  
FuzzyDave> w00t!  
shigpit> Schazzy -- not THOSE diseases. :p  
!! thatmikeykid posted a poll 'Would you buy a hat featuring a chlamydian infected, reversible marsupial hat with laser-guided scent appeal?'.  
Schauspieler> don't want to get Shiggynosis  
thatmikeykid> oh boy i mangled that  
thatmikeykid> don't vote yet!  
* * * FuzzyDave still has 194 points to waste  
shigpit> ROFL Waffles.  
!! mooncrow is around.  
shigpit> The breakfast of a n00b generation.  
thatmikeykid> please feel free to 10 vote all of my links.  
FuzzyDave> hah!  
crataegus> ...ah, if only I could have mayonnaise on my sammich.  
crataegus> Careful, shiggy...n00b is insulting.  
21:53:58> ...and 1 vote all of budfield and tugly's links.  
!! thatmikeykid posted a poll 'Violin-lin-lin?'.  
shigpit> It's almost impossible to insult FD. And he knows he's no n00b, it wasn't in his direction.  
!! substrate is around.  
thatmikeykid> he's more of a r00b  
!! numike is around.  
* * * FuzzyDave is a r00b n00b w/man b00bs  
shigpit> fl00zy [email protected]\/3  
thatmikeykid> qoob.  
21:57:04> ..and restore all your journals...  
21:57:40> ..and steal your avatar back...  
deathburger> nüüb  
FuzzyDave> whaaaa?? i asked glitch to retire the bebbi face. who's using it now?  
thatmikeykid> it's been around like a 2 bit hooker  
crataegus> His Assholiness.  
thatmikeykid> and it's quite sad  
Schauspieler> Bud Tugly  
FuzzyDave> that's fucking hilarious  
22:01:45> kick his ass!  
crataegus> Because he's using a baby head, or because he's using your former avatar?  
FuzzyDave> both, actually.  
beaglebot> He thought things like "I should piss everyone off and take fuzzydave's old avatar"  
thatmikeykid> time to go home. nite filter !  
thatmikeykid> nite all!  
FuzzyDave> night mikey! hug sandi for me!  
Schauspieler> night Mikey  
beaglebot> and "beags will have kittens"  
beaglebot> and missed the point when I said something  
shigpit> Mikey doesn't know the baby isn't his yet, Dave, does he?  
thatmikeykid> i shall!  
beaglebot> kinda like every time I say anything these days I feel  
* * * thatmikeykid pokes shigpit. Plutonically.  
* * * thatmikeykid bolts for the door.  
* * * beaglebot quits rambling  
FuzzyDave> hahahaha  
22:06:22> what the fuck are YOU doing back here?  
crataegus> You can't blame the time for the audience, beag.  
22:06:51> arrr!±  
FuzzyDave> If anyone got pissed over it, that's pretty sad. i'd like to think was more this place than an avatar.  
22:07:12> er...arrr!  
crataegus> It was the intention behind it, FD. He can try to sell it as destroying a sacred cow all he wants, but he did it to get a rise out of people.  
22:07:49> heh...imagine, seeing fuzzydave, beags and shiggy in the LF chatter.  
22:08:08> well heck, i guess I'd better log in, too.\  
darkstar> Shit, it's been nearly a year since I was here last.  
darkstar> Place smells musty.  
deathburger> If that's darkstar someone tie him down so he stays!  
shigpit> oh mah gawd  
shigpit> db, you don't want to tie d* down.  
darkstar> Howdy all!  
deathburger> I thought that stampy was familiar.  
Schauspieler> damn, this is the quickest I've gone thru levels, was lvl 35 end of april, lvl 36 over the weekend, now only 885xp from 37, I'm on fire  
FuzzyDave> werd, shiggy. that's the meter starts running. and i don't have that kinda swag on me.  
Schauspieler> Darkstar!!!!!!!  
darkstar> Thirty-whaaa? Level 37???  
darkstar> Hey Schau!  
darkstar> When did LF get more levels?  
Schauspieler> yup!  
darkstar> holy crap, i'm level fifty three!  
deathburger> bb added a bunch of new ones recently. Goes up to 60 something I think.  
Schauspieler> earlier this year  
Schauspieler> 75 db :)  
!! darkstar is around.  
darkstar> "Versed"? what the hell kinda lame is that? I used to be an LF God or something.  
darkstar> heh...same old chatter, though  
shigpit> making your way in the world today takes everything you got ... taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot ... wouldn't you like to get away ... sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name ...  
Schauspieler> "A God I tell you! A GOD!!!"  
pdxpogo> damn!!!!1  
darkstar> heya db, pogo!  
FuzzyDave> darkstar: i'm a "Gold Star User" now. Sounds like if you get high enough on the LF ladder, you need Crotch Powder.  
pdxpogo> though you had started your political career and disavowed us ;-) you just made my year ;-)  
shigpit> LOL!  
darkstar> Hey, it's MEDICATED.  
Schauspieler> yeah, but the late night chatters not the same without you, darkstar...now I gotta but up with pogo and DB LOL  
Schauspieler> errr, put up....butt up don't sound right  
pdxpogo> LOL schaus we keep you honest  
darkstar> well, i occasionally loft thru here to scope out links, but because i'm not logged in, i seldom see the chatter (at the bottom of the screen). I happened to scroll past and saw the Usual Suspects in chatter.  
FuzzyDave> sounds about right from this angle  
pdxpogo> DB and I don't swing that way butt....  
Schauspieler> LOL  
!! jones is around.  
FuzzyDave> pogo, you and ds gots Rough Trade written all over ya.  
!! azkrat is around.  
!! Champthom just posted How Your Tax Dollars Support the Boy Scouts of America.  
pdxpogo> wel it is just wonderful seeing all the anchients in the chatter at once  
FuzzyDave> errr... db  
Schauspieler> Yeah, you keep me honest, pogo....DB just makes me post links with "triple dog dares"  
darkstar> holy cow, and jones, too!  
* * * shigpit grabs the vine and swings and jumps into the lake  
pdxpogo> you mean db ds is a metro guy  
darkstar> Hey, I'm "bendy".  
Schauspieler> ummmmm....shiggy, that's the sewage pond....  
pdxpogo> jones has been logging in never really has much to say  
FuzzyDave> prolly not jones, but glitch in drag  
shigpit> schazzy, i'm a pig, remember?  
pdxpogo> heh  
darkstar> So how's things going round these parts?  
Schauspieler> LOL! I just nearly spit my Dr Pepper over that, Fuzzy  
shigpit> FD, I know you want to drag Glitch, but it's probably not a good idea.  
pdxpogo> Hebrew brand  
darkstar> Hey JONES! Where's Link??  
darkstar> :)  
pdxpogo> it is a kinder gentler linkfilter anymore darkstar  
shigpit> d*, things are good here. how's things there?  
* * * crataegus looks innocent.  
!! timecube is around.  
pdxpogo> kinda boring really but you know it is still better than TV  
darkstar> Last I heard, Link was supposed to be heading to shiggy's pad...  
Schauspieler> wait a minute.....shigpit....you move the "t" and the "g" you get OMG!!  
darkstar> things are good here. it's 4:25 am  
shigpit> crat, innocent as much as britney spears is.  
pdxpogo> still in the south of France?  
shigpit> d*, I have no Link.  
pdxpogo> must be time zones and all  
!! rollo3 is around.  
darkstar> yeh, in france. i head back home permanently in August.  
Schauspieler> w00t! level 37 now, Yay!  
pdxpogo> wow short timer  
FuzzyDave> Yay Shausi!  
darkstar> congrats, schau!  
shigpit> drop't schau?  
FuzzyDave> Suck the Teat of the Sacred Cow!!  
* * * shigpit offers a piggy nipple  
pdxpogo> damn now he is gonna have a swelled head all night  
Schauspieler> LOL  
crataegus> I was spamming his posts to convince him to make me disco fries.  
pdxpogo> not only leveled up but blessed by the anchients  
!! amberella posted a poll 'Your Favorite Planet'.  
fabulon7> What the hell is going on here?  
darkstar> it's a damn funky rumpus, fab!  
crataegus> you're caught in a time warp  
fabulon7> I dig.  
darkstar> strangest damn thing i ever saw  
cornpone> that's what i'm talking about, fab. wtf?  
pdxpogo> the joint is jumpin  
darkstar> holy frijoles: i's pone!  
!! Schauspieler posted a poll 'Were you there for the "Great Linkfilter Chatter Reunion of 2006"?'.  
fabulon7> w. t. f.  
!! nenequesadilla is around.  
cornpone> all of a sudden it's a troll parade. what gives???  
darkstar> is there some strange stellar thing going on tonight?  
cornpone> :)  
darkstar> Screw you, hippie!  
FuzzyDave> "I sucked the hairy teat of an LF Sacred Cow and All I got was this t-shirt. Oh, and this lip fungus thing."  
crataegus> I think Mercury must be in retrograde, only no one noticed.  
!! Aphexian is around.  
Schauspieler> and it's cornpone! Yay!  
* * * darkstar hugs everyone in the chatter  
fabulon7> The moon is very bright out here.  
* * * fabulon7 hugs everyone except darkstar.  
FuzzyDave> My moon's a fuckin' tard  
* * * fabulon7 has his reasons.  
pdxpogo> jump in lurkers get your chatter caught next to immortals ;-)  
* * * shigpit pats cornpone on the back, realize he's mounted a female unicorn, then backs. away. slowly.  
darkstar> You...  
* * * fabulon7 wants you to stop asking about the f'ing reasons, OK?  
* * * fabulon7 caves in to pressure and hugs darkstar too.  
crataegus> um, ok, fab...  
darkstar> fab has to be careful around me, lest my animal magnetisms prove too irresistible...  
* * * darkstar slips fab some tongue  
pdxpogo> if that drunk journalist from Alaska/Tennessee showed up to talk with crickets...  
darkstar> sorry.  
!! bgruagach is around.  
cornpone> /p shiggy /spelling/unicorn=unicorn.-  
* * * Schauspieler hugs fab, my favorite Canuck  
shigpit> d*, at least buy him dinner first.  
shigpit> sorry, cornpone.  
fabulon7> All this attention is making me wooooozy.  
pdxpogo> schaus neb=ver met a canuck he wouldn't do  
* * * Schauspieler gets some maple syrup and mayonaise STAT!  
fabulon7> A wise policy.  
Schauspieler> LOL pogo  
crataegus> Yes, he has...but he's related to those ones  
fabulon7> I have some real maple syrup in my fridge right now.  
!! Autodafe is around.  
darkstar> mmm...poutine and maple syrup  
shigpit> Is that a Canuck Luther?  
Schauspieler> it's like a dollar a gallon there  
pdxpogo> Irish Vermonters favorite drink  
Schauspieler> lol  
fabulon7> I'll bet you can get maple syrup poutine somewhere.  
!! Schauspieler posted a poll 'Have you ever met a Canuck you wouldn't do?'.  
darkstar> Here's a great tragedy of LF:  
darkstar> too far away to enjoy a maple syrup poutine with each other.  
shigpit> Webcam! International Poutine Meeting!  
fabulon7> I'll bet that's a blessing.  
Schauspieler> I'm thinking Mr McEyestabby and I are going to have poutine for dinner tonight  
pdxpogo> settle for VFodka and Splenda?  
fabulon7> Poutine is tasty.  
Schauspieler> LMAO Shiggy!  
crataegus> We better.  
fabulon7> But none of that cheese and gravy on fries cheap-assed substitute.  
darkstar> Umm...is "poutine" a euphemism?  
fabulon7> Although that is also tasty.  
Schauspieler> VFodka? is that cheaper than Povovs?  
* * * shigpit hooks up the webcam and opens up his (cabinet) and whips out his (maple syrup) and spreads it all over his (fries?)  
darkstar> hahaha  
fabulon7> Ummm...I meant the fries with cheese & gravy.  
* * * fabulon7 asks Shiggy how the Devils did tonight.  
darkstar> hahahaha!  
shigpit> Devils12 2 Hurricanes 3  
shigpit> dammit. We lost 3-2.  
pdxpogo> Them Mighty Ducks are looking strong  
darkstar> I did the gnocchi thing tonight with the girls.  
Schauspieler> "I'm going to make hot, sweet poutine to you tonight, baby!"  
FuzzyDave> my elderly mother is -- i swear ta god -- a huge hockey fan. She loves the Ducks.  
shigpit> Poot-ting.  
fabulon7> The worst Canadian food product of all time.  
crataegus> I'm gonna make sweet poutine to ya, woman. I'm gonna lay you down by the fryer.  
Schauspieler> "Can't get enuff of your poutine, baby"  
shigpit> Pooty Poot brand Poutine!  
pdxpogo> Pooteen is Irish hooch moonshine pop skull  
crataegus> So the immitation spam is better than that, fab?  
darkstar> map-o-spread? da hell?  
shigpit> You're Poutine, you're beautiful, and you're MINE!  
crataegus> That's pronounced a bit differently though, pogo.  
FuzzyDave> Poutine Tang is my favorite Negro  
fabulon7> I liked Biggie Shorty.  
darkstar> i think the worst "food" product I've ever seen was cuitlacoche.  
!! dragonmage is around.  
darkstar> or, a big ol' can of corn smut.  
darkstar> nice an slimy  
pdxpogo> Po Tine Tang is a crazy Chinese guy  
cornpone> lmfao  
fabulon7> map-o-spread is gritty, vaguely maple-flavoured, brown, sugary goo. You are supposed to put it on toast.  
Schauspieler> I dunno fab, that meat, cheese, macaroni loaf looked pretty bad  
FuzzyDave> the last corn smut i saw had madtbone wearing assless chaps.  
shigpit> Vegemite, anyone?  
shigpit> LOLOLOL  
fabulon7> Oh yeah. I forgot that was Canadian.  
crataegus> Vegemite is nummy.  
pdxpogo> pauchiWish I was in the land o cotton Poutine there is not forgotten  
Schauspieler> that or the Mock Chicken Loaf  
!! cherwilco is around.  
pdxpogo> Marmite you heretic  
!! Champthom posted a poll 'Be honest, fellas - when talking to a woman, do you look their breasts a majority of the time?'.  
Schauspieler> LOOK AWAY!  
darkstar> Cuitlacoche is corn that forgot to wipe.  
fabulon7> hahaha -- I'm amazed you remember that.  
fabulon7> Yeah, I saw a picture of cuitlacoche once. That was enough.  
darkstar> It leaves an impression.  
!! GhettoBodhi is around.  
!! scilec is around.  
!! Conception is around.  
crataegus> I like Marmite, too, but Vegemite is nummier.  
FuzzyDave> [email protected]  
!! Schauspieler posted a poll 'You Must Worst Canadian food product'.  
darkstar> Well, on that appetizing note, and the fact that it's approaching dawn, I'd best trundle off to bed.  
crataegus> Vegemite tastes better on toast. Marmite tastes better in mashed potatoes.  
shigpit> gnight darkie. don't be a stranger to the 'filter.  
darkstar> Great chatting with you all! Take care.  
Schauspieler> Good Night darkstar! *hugs*  
pdxpogo> night d* thanks for stopping by!  
FuzzyDave> bone wheat, moan fryer  
fabulon7> It's nowhere near dawn, but I have to wake up in 6 hours. I'm going too.  
crataegus> gnight darkstar  
darkstar> *hugs all 'round*  
* * * fabulon7 is actually following darkstar to bed....  
shigpit> As am I.  
shigpit> It's our lucky night!  
Schauspieler> hehe, night fab  
shigpit> Erm ...  
shigpit> g'night everyone.  
FuzzyDave> night all. Thanks for the plug, Champers!  
Schauspieler> WooHoo! LF Orgy!  
FuzzyDave> that didn't come out right.  
fabulon7> Heheh. Buenos Nachos, doritos!  
* * * FuzzyDave hops off the couch, trips, realizes DB has tied his shoelaces and hops off to bed....  
pdxpogo> night fuzzyone  
crataegus> gnight, fd  
Schauspieler> night fuzzy  
* * * deathburger chuckles  
deathburger> Bye to everyone who's leaving...  
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
This may be a time sensitive phenomena  
Go to Google home page  
type in asshole  
Hit I'm Feeling Lucky...  
NSFW (music)  
NSFC (Conservatives or Neo Cons or whatever flavor of Dittoheads)
Sandy and Mikey are alive and well partying in NYC!
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago
sandwoman13> Hello, LF  
!! naz_drala is around.  
!! sandwoman13 posted a poll 'While we are in NYC should I only do polls about the city?'.  
!! Nsixqatsi is around.  
pdxpogo> snady!  
!! JHarris is around.  
pdxpogo> wondered what happened to yah  
sandwoman13> hi it's mikey sandy is in the 'kitchen'  
sandwoman13> hello from rainy nyc  
!! Coobeastie is around.  
!! DamienT98 is around.  
pdxpogo> hi mikey was your ears burnin? We was chatting about you last night  
sandwoman13> actually yes, after the flight my left ear was dead for a couple hours :P  
!! sandwoman13 posted a poll 'Would you like to see pictures of us in New York City?'.  
!! neepneeperoni is around.  
!! GROtongueOVE is around.  
pdxpogo> heh so vacationing? Going to Ice Skate at Rockerfeller Center?  
!! DirtyJ is around.  
sandwoman13> we sure are. we'd like to ice skate there but the wait may be too long, maybe in the park instead. we came mainly for new years eve.  
pdxpogo> cool everyone should do Times Square once!  
pdxpogo> definitely get some pictures from times square  
sandwoman13> hi, it's sandy now. i finished the breakfast dishes  
pdxpogo> I'd like to see Sandy Riding the Lion at the NEw York Central Public Library ;-)  
!! mmholt is around.  
sandwoman13> hehe  
pdxpogo> here ya go  
!! Aphexian is around.  
pdxpogo> got to be quick and nimble though as they don't usually let people ride em  
!! UK_Grable is around.  
pdxpogo> what a great adventure guys have fun!  
sandwoman13> i would imagine. well gotta go shower and say hello to the city.  
!! leyman is around.  
sandwoman13> let everyone know we are still alive and well for us  
!! naz_drala just posted iMeat.  
pdxpogo> will do!  
Pogo's Pot Roast
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago
3lb Rump/Chuck roast  
Brown roast in 2 tblsp of oil I use olive cause I like it.  
chop up 4 cloves of garlic while browning the roast toss one in with the browning roast salt and pepper roast to taste.  
In the crockpot/Dutch oven add  
2 cans of broth/connsume (I use beef broth)  
3 remaining chopped cloves of garlic  
1/4 cup of Balsamic vinegar  
1/2 cup of red wine (you might want to use dry cooking sherry or water ifn you don't drink)  
1 tsp of dry mustard (Colemans something sharp)  
1/2 tsp of thyme  
1/2 tsp of rosemary  
1/2 tsp of basil  
1 bay leaf  
Add some sliced celery (1/2 cup or so)  
cut in quarters/eighths 4 fist (my fist isn't huge) sized onions or more if you like em  
throw in some baby carrots you like carrots throw in lots  
add the browned roast to the crock if the roast isn't covered you may want to add some water to cover it don't water it down though no more than a cup. Put the lid on and walk away for an hour. Every hour or so I like to turn the meat when it starts to fall apart then you are almost done...should be ready in 2.5 to 3 hours  
Now add 6 to 10 red new potatoes to the mix I leave the skin on. After the potatoes have cooked (30 minutes or so)you are ready to finish it off... pull the meat and potatoes/carrots from the crock.  
add a tblsp. of flour to 3 tblsps of cold water mix well, turn up the heat on your crock if you can make it boil great! Slowly add the flour water mixture to the "soup" it should help thicken it.  
It should be ready to serve now! Bon Appetit
Discovery Landing Timeline
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago
From the NASA Virtual Launch Control Center.  
Welcome home Discovery!  
Times are EDT Start at the bottom of the entry for chronological order  
8:17 a.m. - A convoy of landing support trucks and equipment are heading out onto runway 22 to begin safing the orbiter and assisting the flight crew. There are 78 Kennedy personnel in that convoy, and a turnaround team of 174 people will fly to Edwards from Kennedy on Wednesday to help prepare Discovery for its ferry flight back to Florida. It takes about 6 days to ready an orbiter for that return flight atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a modified Boeing 747.  
Today's official landing time was 8:11:22 a.m. EDT.  
8:13 a.m. - Wheels stop. "Happy to be back," Collins said to Capcom Ken Ham after he offered congratulations.  
8:12 a.m. - Touchdown! Discovery is rolling out on runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base!  
Main gear touchdown, nose gear touchdown, chutes deployed... and Discovery is home.  
8:10 a.m. - Commander Eileen Collins reports she has the runway in sight! Discovery's altitude is 17,000 feet -- 10 miles to touchdown.  
8:07 a.m. - Discovery's wings leveling as it approaches the landing site. Now that the orbiter has gone subsonic, Commander Eileen Collins has assumed control. She'll fly Discovery on a 194-degree right overhead turn to align with runway 22.  
8:04 a.m. - This will be the 50th landing of a Space Shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base. Eight minutes, 135 miles to touchdown.  
8:02 a.m. - 10 minutes until touchdown. Discovery is in range of ground tracking and using Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) data. There is one bank remaining in the series of four.  
7:59 a.m. - 470 miles to touchdown, speed 7,400 miles per hour. Discovery is banking back to the left, the third in a series of four steep rolls to help dissipate speed as it heads for touchdown.  
7:56 a.m. - Traveling 17 times the speed of sound, Discovery is within 1,000 miles of the runway at Edwards Air Force Base.  
7:52 a.m. - In its first of three roll reversals, Discovery is banking back to the right with its wings angled 75 degrees to horizontal. Discovery's current speed is 14,000 miles per hour at an altitude of 217,000 feet.  
7:50 a.m. - Discovery is traveling 15,400 miles per hour at 230,000 feet. About 2,000 miles to Edwards.  
7:46 a.m. - The rear steering jets have been activated; Discovery is beginning the transition from spacecraft to aircraft as it descends toward landing. The first roll reversal is coming up shortly.  
7:45 a.m. - Discovery is beginning its first in a series of four banks that will help dissipate its speed as it plunges through the atmosphere. The first roll is to the left at 80 degrees to horizontal. The orbiter's nose is angled upward 40 degrees.  
7:43 a.m. - Altitude 56 miles. Discovery is traveling 17,000 miles per hour and is less than 4,000 miles from Edwards Air Force Base.  
7:40 a.m. - Now flying almost 400,000 feet above the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, Discovery is just beginning to encounter the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere.  
7:30 a.m. - Ten minutes until Entry Interface.  
7:28 a.m. - All three of Discovery's APUs are now up and operating well.  
7:25 a.m. - Fifteen minutes until Entry Interface, when Discovery begins to feel the effects of Earth's atmosphere. Discovery's altitude is 175 miles as it continues its descent.  
7:20 a.m. - Part of Discovery's reaction control system, the rear steering jets control the orbiter during the early part of descent. As the orbiter transitions from spacecraft to aircraft, those jets are phased out as air pressure builds, and the orbiter's aerosurfaces become active.  
7:17 a.m. - Current altitude is 213 statute miles.  
7:12 a.m. - Over the next 30 minutes, Discovery will free-fall until it reaches Entry Interface, about 75 miles over the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Current altitude is 220 statute miles. Post burn procedures are in work. Touchdown is one hour away.  
7:09 a.m. - Burn complete! Mission Control reports a good deorbit burn -- no trim required. Expect Entry Interface at about 7:40 a.m. and landing at 8:12 a.m.  
7:06 a.m. - The deorbit burn is underway! High above the western Indian Ocean, Discovery's two orbital maneuvering systems are firing for a 2 minute, 42 second burn that will put it on a trajectory to Edwards Air Force Base. Discovery and her crew of seven are on their way home after the historic Return to Flight mission to the International Space Station!  
7:01 a.m. - Five minutes until the burn. The first APU is up and running.  
6:56 a.m. - Now 10 minutes away from the deorbit burn. About 5 minutes prior to the burn, Pilot Jim Kelly will activate one of three auxiliary power units. The remaining two will be activated after the burn, when Discovery has begun its descent. The auxiliary power units power the hydraulic systems that operate the orbiter's aerosurfaces, including the rudder, elevons and landing gear.  
If it just don't take the cake
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago
Not that I write in this journal often. I have a u-pick berry thing going people pay me for the privilage of picking thier own berries. We have a good year going people come and go berries are getting picked all in all good. The fruit was a no show this year the cherry trees had no fruit so the birds who normally prefer cherries are in the blueberries. No worries the guy across the way has a propane canon and chases his pests into my field plenty of berries enough for birds and my pickers.... so I am sitting out under the trees this evening reading a book, vodka rocks in hand. Some bird decides to shit blueberries from my field all over me and in to my drink. Fuckers I don't mind feeding them but when they shit on you and your drink ruining a perfectly good tumbler of Vodka it is time to break out the shotgun.  
I suppose it is funny on one level wonder how the birds are going to feel with shot up their ass?
The New Phone Company
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I haven't had a "land line" for several years. My cell phone has done all my heavy lifting and even then, it doesn't amount to much. I pay ~$50 a month for cell phone service. That is $600 a year to talk for maybe 90 minutes a month if I am feeling really chatty.  
In an effort to simplify and cut costs I have been looking at alternatives. I ran across the following deal $199 for a year of unlimited phone service (free National long distance).  
It is a VOIP service that gives me two phone numbers that I got to choose(distinctive ringing). The full set of "features" that are extra charges with traditional plans are included in the yearly fee. Voice Mail, *69, three way calling, caller ID, call blocking etc...  
The service comes with a web interface that lets me track calls in and calls out, an integrated contact list. I can forward my numbers to other phones by setting up a "follow me" schedule. If I get a call during my scheduled work hours my work phone rings... during commute hours my cell phone rings (if I decide to keep my cell phone).  
I can pick up voicemail via the web or have it mailed to my registered email address. All in all it is a phone service that is fully integrated with the internet. This for the cost of 1/3 what I would pay to Verizon for a traditional land line(s) with the same service package .  
I opted for the cheapest plan wich is to pay $200 up front the company also offers up a month to month plan with no commitments is $25. The company has been in business for 4 months now if you are not an early adopter you may want to wait a bit and see how things shake out, but this is a deal. If you already have cable or DSL for Internet access you might want to consider if this phone service is for you and say goodbye to your local telco.  
I'm not affiliated with this company in any way other than as a customer.  
sunrocket.com if it flies it is going to push traditional telcos hard.  
For Fuzzy
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How to Kill
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"How to Kill" by Keith Douglas, from Keith Douglas: The Complete Poems © Faber & Faber, Ltd. Reprinted without permission.  
How to Kill  
Under the parabola of a ball,  
a child turning into a man,  
I looked into the air too long.  
The ball fell in my hand, it sang  
in the closed fist: Open Open  
Behold a gift designed to kill.  
Now in my dial of glass appears  
the soldier who is going to die.  
He smiles, and moves about in ways  
his mother knows, habits of his.  
The wires touch his face: I cry  
NOW. Death, like a familiar, hears  
and look, has made a man of dust  
of a man of flesh. This sorcery  
I do. Being damned, I am amused  
to see the centre of love diffused  
and the wave of love travel into vacancy.  
How easy it is to make a ghost.  
The weightless mosquito touches  
her tiny shadow on the stone,  
and with how like, now infinite  
a lightness, man and shadow meet.  
They fuse. A shadow is a man  
when the mosquito death approaches.  
I always imagined that snipers have poetry in their soul.
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Wallace Stevens
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J'ai passé trop de temps à travailler mon  
violon, à voyager. Mais l'exercise essentiel  
du compositeur -la méditation- rien ne l'a  
jamais suspendu en moi... Je vis un rêve  
permanent, qui ne s'arrête ni nuit ni jour.
(Georges Enesco)  
Is it Ulysses that approaches from the east,  
The interminable adventurer? The trees are mended.  
That winter is washed away. Someone is moving  
On the horizon and lifting himself up above it.  
A form of fire approaches the cretonnes of Penelope,  
Whose mere savage presence awakens the world in which she dwells.  
She has composed, so long, a self with which to welcome him,  
Companion to his self for her, which she imagined,  
Two in a deep-founded sheltering, friend and dear friend.  
The trees had been mended, as an essential exercise  
In an inhuman meditation, larger than her own.  
No winds like dogs watched over her at night.  
She wanted nothing he could not bring her by coming alone.  
She wanted no fetchings. His arms would be her necklace  
And her belt, the final fortune of their desire.  
But was it Ulysses? Or was it only the warmth of the sun  
On her pillow? The thought of it kept beating in her like her heart.  
The two kept beating together. It was only day.  
It was Ulysses and it was not. Yet they had met,  
Friend and dear friend and a planet's encouragement.  
The barbarous strength within her would never fail.  
She would talk a little to herself as she combed her hair,  
Repeating his name with its patient syllables,  
Never forgetting him that kept coming constantly so near.  
Inspired by a chat with Smith about her class lessons on Odysseus  
Grist for the Mill
Posted by pdxpogo 15 years ago
I am a democrat because I believe in the Fall of Man. I think most people are democrats for the opposite reason. A great deal of democratic enthusiasm descends from the ideas of people like Rousseau, who believed in democracy because they thought mankind so wise and good that everyone deserved a share in the government. The danger of defending democracy on those grounds is that they are not true. And whenever this weakness is exposed, the people who prefer tyranny make capital out of the exposure. I find that they're not true without looking further than myself. I don't deserve a share in governing a hen-roost, much less a nation. Nor do most people - all the people who believe advertisements, and think in catchwords and spread rumours. The real reason for democracy is just the reverse. Mankind is so fallen that no man can be trusted with unchecked power over his fellows.  
C.S. Lewis, "Equality".  
Screw That
Posted by pdxpogo 15 years ago
Boing Boing reports that Virgin Airlines will provide a TV channel for fliers that plays the ColorCalm Skies video over and over.  
I say screw that if you want to show me a "sky channel" show me a view from the cockpit. I have always wanted to see out the front of the plane. I always enjoy listening to the tower chatter and the progress channel showing the position of the plane.  
Let's say a system of cameras you can cycle trough, a "tail" cam looking forward. A cockpit cam showing a pilot's eye view. A nose cam pointed ahead and slightly down. Landing gear cam! Not very active but oh so much fun on takeoffs and landings. Left wing cam and right wing cam. Oh and an astro cam pointing up for night shots of the skies. High above most of the atmosphere on a clear night the stars are simply a whole new experience.  
Plane travel is becoming more and more a pain in the ass when it used to be an adventure and fun. I say bring on the sky network.