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"Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined", I just need to rant somewhere where I won't be judged today:

1. Weird dreams were weird. I did not wake up in an awesome frame of mind today.

2. I'm snowed-in for the 4th day in a row (It hardly ever snows a foot where I live, so the city was *way unprepared* for this storm). This is okay work-wise because as long as I put in my hours *some time* during the week, I'm good. Hopefully I can get into the office tomorrow.

3. My car is plain stuck (iced and snowed-in), and therefore I'm not going anywhere right now. I have an APB for help from my neighbors in my building, so hopefully I'll be able to at least move my car by the afternoon or early evening.

4. I was supposed to have a phone interview today. First, the recruiter scheduled it for the incorrect time, as there was a time zone involved that he did not take into consideration. Then when I finally did get in on the call, the recruiter thought the position was in the town where I lived, but turned out to be in a city 1,325 miles away, thus wasting everyone's time and energy to make the call happen in the first place.

5. Having way different tastes in television than my housemates (yes, we all get along!), I am stuck in my room without windows instead of sitting in the living room where there is light. Maybe it's time to get the light box out.

So...hopefully, the afternoon will turn around, because as of 1:30p EST, it's not been awesome so far.

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Hey, I still have my Hatepup mug! I suppose I have a good reason to dig it back out and use it again!  
Also, has anyone gotten a hold of Fuzzy to let him know of this resurrection?
Hah, imagine that!
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Kingskyprawn and I spent the weekend together in very close proximity and didn't even make the Linkfilter connection until today! That's so....Bay Area :)  
p0ne postcards
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Rumors about my disappearance have been grossly exagerated. I've just been doing my own thing is all!  
Mr.p0ne has sent me a couple of postcards over the past year or so, and I find them so neato that I had them framed! "Yo, check us out!!"  

For Darwish
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An article on why the price of honey has doubled.  
I saw this and thought of you :)
Going green when it suits me
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I live in Oakland, CA. I work in a towne about 15 miles east, over the Oakland Hills. Since I started this job in 2005, I have driven to work everyday. It's about a 25-30 minute commute with traffic, and that's a reverse commute. It can be fairly stressful. I have to battle the morons at the Caldecott Tunnel every day. I hate these people. Something about merging from 4 lanes to 2 makes their heads explode, creating much anger and stress for me. So, there's the 30 miles I put a day on my car plus oil changes and normal wear and tear. And the stress. Oh, and then there's that $4.49/gal for gas. That's roughly $60 to fill up my gas tank every week. Did I mention the stress involved in all of this?  
I live exactly one mile from the BART (Bay Area Rapid's a train/subway system) station. 1 mile of walking = 20 minutes. Cost for a round-trip ticket to work = $5.80 ($23.80/week because I still drive one day to keep my car running). am I doing driving to work everyday? So last week, I started getting up at 7a and walking the mile to work (on surface streets with enough traffic to make me walking thru neighborhoods by myself..that would be stupid!). I leave my house at around 7:15a. From the time I leave my house to the time I get to work, it's 55 minues, and I'm clocked in by 8:10a. And hey, I get some exercise!  
Actually, I really like commuting so far. I didn't know if I would. I listen to my iPo on the walk in, and sleep on the train to work. I've got a spiffy messenger bag on the way to hold all my junk also, which will be cool.  
So, yay for saving $30 a week, yay for not using so much petrol, yay for getting exercise, and yay for much less driving stress! Really, I couldn't give a flip less if it 'helps the environment' or not. I don't subscribe to the upper Oakland/Berkeley hippy 'save everyone!' attitude. We're fuct anyway, so what's the point? After all, as we learned last Friday, Earth *is* a radioactive ruin!  
Alive! And...well?
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Yes yes, I live! And things are good! I'm just so damn busy anymore that I have time to post on my own website and that's about it.  
This summer has been st00per busy! Campouts, work, boys, cats, blahblahblah. Last week I had the entire week to myself while everyone was at Burning Man. And while it was fun for a little while, I'm glad everyone is back!  
And this week has been exceptionally good! Work is finally settling down, I got got my new Nalgene bottle (yes yes, it's the little things that make me happy!), I'm getting my new Bragada bed tonight (w00h00 for supportive beds and kingsizeness! And, I can *finally* sleep in the same bed as the boy!), I only had a 3 day week, and tomorrow is Friday!  
It can't get much better, really!
Title help
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Okay, so I'm making Bear a mixed CD of mp3s to listen to on his trip this summer. It's 'driving music'.  
I need help coming up with a clever title. I'll take care of the music.  
Suggestions? Pretty please?  
No Bear, you can't help :P
More awsomeness
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There's a sign on the first floor of my building saying that soliciting is not allowed. There's a sign on the front counter of my office that says 'no soliciting'. This lady comes in here trying to solicit and she actually says, "I know there's a sign that says No Soliciting, but..."....  
'Uh, yeah, all day long it says that. Could you please leave?'  
"Well, you don't have to be rude!"  
'I wasn't trying to, but there's a sign in the lobby on the first floor that specifically says no soliciting'  
"Yeah, I saw it"  
'Good! Now please leave. Have a nice day.'  
I know I'm being a bit 'sensitive' here, but fsking kresto!! *shakes head*  
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So, I had to fire my admin because showing up to work wasn't important to them. So now I'm in the process of going thru resumes and calling people to set up interviews.  
I received a resume today from a lady. I liked it, so instead of just deleting it like I do with most of the others, I printed it out so my boss could look at it. 20 minutes later, I get this shitty email from the same person demanding to know why I had deleted her resume without reading it. Eh? Obviously she's got Outlook, and it gave her wrong information. So I replied back with "Well, I liked your resume and I printed out to give to my boss but after that rude response, it's now in the trash". WTF? Why on earth would I want to hire someone as pushy and rude as that?  
She replied with a majorly shitty email, threatening to call my corporate office and complain about my unprofessionalism . Eh? 10 minutes later, she calls me. I tell her that I in no way was trying to be rude, apologized, and told her that I would call her for an interview if the need arised. She still demanded to talk to someone, so I put her thru to my boss's VM.  
I told my boss the story, and she listened to the VM rolled her eyes, and laughed.  
People are crazy.
MEGA Connect 4 goodness
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This is the brainchild of a friend of mine. It took about a month's worth of weekends to completely build and paint, but it was fun! Why, you ask? WHY NOT?! :)  
Calling in sick
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So, I got a promotion at work (yay me!), which means we had to hire someone to do my old job. It's an admin job which means answering the fone, doing travel for the SVP, expense reports, making sure bills are paid...that kinda thing.  
So, we hired this nice lady part time and she started work here last week. I was only able to spend 3 days with her because I had to go home to IN to wrap up some of my grandmother's funeral stuff, but had caught her up to speed enough where she was going to be okay without me being here.  
And then she calls in sick yesterday and today. Her son has an ear infection (and is also autistic, so he needs a little more care and attention than the rest of us) and I understand that kids get sick, but does any one else think this is highly rude and unprofessional? 2 days in a row? After only being here a week?  
I don't have kids (and won't), so I can't sympathize, which is why I'm asking what your opinions are.  
I know shit happens, I just hope this isn't a 'normal' thing.
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So, they found my car on Thursday. And apparently, it was full to the brim with stolen items. My car's pretty trashed and un-drivable at the moment. I'll pay the $500 deductable to get it fixt, and then I'm going to sell it. It's been tainted for me, and I don't want it anymore.  
So, I'm going to go the public transportation/rides/car-sharing route. Down-sizing is good! Josh and I are going to get a joint car, but I think not having a car of my own will be good. And so will the exercise!  
So, laggy....see? I'm not *always* negative :)  
"Ahhh, see good in bad, I like!" --Mr.Kim in 'the 5th Element'
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I hate Bubble People. You know these types (yes, these are stereotypes, but I don't care)...usually wealthy (or have parents who are wealthy), sheltered, drive nicer cars than are necessary, live in rich townes where the crime is low....and almost always think that 'it could never happen to them'.  
First there was Sunday when the dumb-ass girl in Lafayette used the ATM while her car was running with the doors open for all to see her purse and cell phone on the front seat. This morning, this older gentlemen probly in his late 50s was driving a nice black Mercedes and pulled into a parking spot in front of the bakery where I get substandard coffee once or twice a week. He pulls in, gets out with the car running, and proceeds to walk towards the door. I was like, "Please at least lock your car...mine was stolen recently". He looks at me and goes, "huh?", so in a much louder voice I said, "LOCK your car at least!!".  
What the fsck [edited] is *wrong* with these people? Who the hell ever taught them that it was okay to leave your car with the engine running, much less leave it *unlocked* with the engine running? Do these assholes actually never turn on/read the news? Do they *really* live in that much of a bubble? Are people *really* that lazy? How much extra time does it take to shut the car off? Going into a bakery to get a scone is not going to make your car is not going to cool down *that* much in the minute and a half it takes you to get your stuff and go back to the car. Come on. I know that most people don't have that much common sense, but this shit is for toddlers.  
*shakes head and rolls eyes*  
[/end rant]
Car go bye
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I live in a fairly okay part of Oakland. I live in a building where you have to have a clicker to get into the garage (there are 2 of them where everyone parks their cars). You have to have a key to get into the stairwell. You have to have a key to get into the front lobby. Hell, you even have to have a key to use the elevator!  
Last Saturday night, someone broke into my car and stole my amp. I got a new one and it was installed a couple of hours later. Wednesday night, I picked a friend up from the airport and got home at 10:30p. I woke up yesterday morning and got ready for work and went down to my car to discover it was no longer in the garage. Someone broke into most of the cars in the garage and then our theory is that they loaded all the stuff into my car and drove it away.  
*waves* Bye-bye, car!  
If they don't recover my car in 15 days, we'll settle and I'll get cash for it. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to sell his car (which he needs to get rid of anyway) and then go in with him on a new car that we'd share. I don't *really* need a car of my own. I can take BART to and from work (Josh just has to drop me off and pick me up at the station), which isn't a big deal. A lot of the time when we go somewhere, we go together, so really, why do we need 2 cars? And when I'm doing something social with my various groups of friends, and I can usually get a ride.  
So, I'm trying to see this incident as a positive experience. I mean, maybe it happened for a reason or something. After all, it's just a car (read: poessession), right?  
But, we're definately moving. My property managing place sent a letter to all of us tenants saying it was our fault that our cars got broken into and stolen, which everyone knows is bullshit. As soon as we find a new place, we're breaking our lease and getting out of there.
I got forgotted...or not
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While I participated in the Secret Beavy thing this year, I never got anything from mine (which is unusual) and I didn't stop to think about it until this morning. However, it seems as if Amazon (for whatever wierd reason) had my mom's address 2500 miles away from me instead of mine. And, we're not speaking. So, maybe if we ever talk again I'll get my package :)  
My apologizies for making a posting first instead of asking Shiggy. It honestly didn't cross my mind to do so!  
Hope everyone has a good holiday :)  
Under the 'fucking DUH!' catagory tag...
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IT people “twice as likely” to wear heavy metal t-shirt as other people  
NEW YORK (September 13, 2006) - According to new research, IT staff are twice as likely to wear a heavy metal t-shirt as their non-IT counterparts. The study of 1000 office workers, by Intermedia.NET, the leading Microsoft Exchange host, also found IT types 34% more likely to sport a ponytail. Other key findings:  
* Black jeans are 63% more popular among IT types than other workers  
* IT workers are 32% less likely to wear clean clothes every day of the week than business managers  
* Business and IT people are equally likely to wear a cellphone belt clip  
The survey also found that despite unhelpful stereotyping such as Apple’s ‘Mac and PC’ commercials, IT and business people are equally likely – at 5% each – to wear dated 1990s spectacles.  
Confirming one stereotype, however, was the finding that IT workers were almost twice as likely to carry a Maglite and a Leatherman. Both businesspeople and IT people prefer a Leatherman over a MagLite, and are 20% more likely to carry one.  
“Our research provides an interesting insight into the life of IT people,” said Rurik Bradbury, VP marketing for Intermedia.NET. “Our large Microsoft Gold Certified team of engineers was comforted that IT people are twice as likely to wear Megadeth and similar t-shirts, and that black jeans and ponytails are still hot items. However, they were distraught to find that the cellphone belt clip has gone ‘mainstream’ and lost its identification with the IT subculture.”  
One interesting finding from the study was that IT staff are more likely to wear an expensive suit than a cheap one. While business staff are still far more likely to wear any suit at all, IT people shun cheap suits, with 33% more of them choosing a pricey suit over a bargain one. Fake expensive watches are currently not popular among techies, with only 2% of IT people admitting to wearing one.  
“Intermedia.NET believes the findings in this study to be very valuable,” added Bradbury. “Both business managers and IT professionals are quickly adopting hosted Microsoft Exchange, and this research helps us to better understand the mindset of our customers.”  
My reply to them:  
Did you *really* need a study for this? Why are yall doing pointless  
articles on things that we've known for years? Is it a slow technology  
day or something?  
*mumbles*...twice as likely to wear heavy metal t-shirts and black  
jeans...well DUH!  
Please don't reply, I just had to let you know just how ridiculous I  
thought this article was.  
When it makes FARK, it'll have the 'obvious' tag on it.  
From a Geek
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
So, I needed some programming done for an email blast. Computer dept decided to do it in html/css. No biggie. But every time I had a request, the programmer told me we couldn't do it. Like, there was no way they could make it cross-platform compatible (eh?). After bringing his bosses into the mix, *wallah*, it was suddenly possible for it to be done!  
So they fix it so it looks pretty in Firefox *and* IE finally, but then they reply with, "Browser compatibility usually takes a bit of adjusting."  
What the hell does that mean in English? Or are they talking nonesene again?  
A fill-in-the-blanks thing from Bear
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
1. What time did you get up this morning?: 7:30am PST.  
2. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?: Snakes On A Plane.  
3. What is your favorite TV show?: Don't have one anymore. They all ended.  
5. What did you have for breakfast?: 2 pieces of Sunmaid cinnamon-raisin toast.  
6. What is your middle name?: Kimberly.  
7. What is your favorite cuisine?: Sushi.  
8. What foods do you dislike?: Beats, Korean BBQ, and going to gatherings where 3/4 of the food is vegetarian.  
9. Your favorite potato chip?: Chili Cheese Fritos.  
10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?:Don't Give Me Names by the Guano Apes.  
11. What kind of car do you drive?: A Saturn.  
12. Favorite sandwich?: Egg sammich: eggs medium but not runny, american cheese, and ham.  
13. What characteristics do you despise?: in what? This question isn't clear.  
14. What are your favorite clothes?: Jeans and a t-shirt and my pj's.  
15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?: Somewhere warm with water and no people.  
17. Favorite brand of clothing?: I don't have one.  
18. Where were you born?: Indianapolis, IN.  
19. Favorite time of day?: I don't have one.  
20. Where would you want to retire to?: I don't know yet. I still have another 40 years or so before I retire.  
21. Favorite sport to watch?: Bowling  
22. Who do you least expect to send this back?: n/a. I posted this on my website.  
23. Person you expect to send it back first?: Same as #22.  
24. Coke or Pepsi?: Neither. 7up.  
25. Are you a morning person or night owl?: Night owl, definatly.  
26. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?: My bf Josh and I moved in together a month ago and it's going fairly well so far!  
27. What did you want to be when you were little?: A teacher.  
28. What is your best childhood memory?: Too many to put here, but I always loved spending time with my Mammaw.  
29. What are the different jobs you have had?: MCL, McDonalds, Ball State food service, computer lab tech, Meijer, database q/a, data entry, residential real estate, commercial real estate/executive assistant.  
30. Nicknames?: Missy, fr34k.  
31. Piercing?: Both ears double pierced and then the top of my left ear is pierced as well.  
32. Eye Color?: Grey. They change color to blue and green depending on my clothes and moods.  
33. Ever been to Africa?: Nope.  
34. Ever been toilet papering?: Nope.  
35. Favorite day of the week?: Friday night thru Sunday afternoon.  
36. Favorite restaurant?: Don't have one.  
37. Favorite ice cream?: I don't have one. I ate too much as a kid, so now I eat it irregularly as an adult.  
38. Favorite fast food restaurant?: Wendy's.  
40. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail?: One of the Stupid's sent an email about some regee band covering a *cringe* Radiohead album.  
41. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card?: I wouldn't. I'm too much of a control freak to consciencly max out a credit card on purpose.  
42. Bedtime?: Usually between 10:30 and 11p on school nights. It varies on the weekends.  
43. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire?: I'm not. Tho I'd be amused if people posted their answers here or on their sites.  
44. Last person you went to dinner with?: Adri & Matt on Saturday night at The Alley.  
45. What are you listening to right now?: The Classic Jazz station on Live365.  
46. What is your favorite color?: Blue, but I like purple also.
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Not sure who's a BSG fan around here, but here's a clip of Scott Ian (yeah, *that* Scott Ian) in Starbuck's Viper.  
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
"Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." --Hermann Göring
Oooh ooh ooh!
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
How the hell is it that I had no idea they made Operation Mindcrime II?  
I heard something about it a long time ago, but had no idea they actually *made* it...and the damn thing's been out since like March! I'm such a dork!  
But it's downloading right now, and I can't *wait* for the drive home!  
w00pEE, new music!!
Don't get mad, get even!
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
So, my boss has a Treo 700w from Verizon. The most horrible phone EVAR. It's a complete piece of shit. From the phone not ringing to errors for no reason to it not picking up a call at all when the phone is ringing. It's terrible.  
We got the phone originally back at the end of January when they came out. Then in March we sent it back for a new one because of its issues. Now it's so bad that she can hardly use the phone. It's not the user, it's the phone. More specifically, the horribly buggy software.  
Calling the *wonderful* (*rolls eyes*) customer service people who transfered me to technical support who then transfered me back to the regular customer service people who would not/could not help me. They kept saying that even tho the fone is a P.O.S. that since I have a contract until 11/07, they can't do anything and all we can do is to buy a new fone. So, $400 for a fone that never really worked correctly to begin with and now we have to go spend *another* $400 on a new fone? about no? Does no work for you guys? :P  
So, my awsome boyfriend directed me to this article which gives pointers on how to get what you want when the customer service...well..just sucks. In my case, I know that cumstomer service's hands are tied and they have no power to do anything on their end, but that doesn't mean someone higher than them can't do something!  
So, I called the main Verizon switchboard number in NYC who gave me the direct line for the CEO's office in New Jersey. I called (as my boss) and spoke to a really nice guy who said he would have an executive personage call me (my boss) back by no later than Monday morning.  
And yes, I was very nice about it :P  
My boss is threatening legal action, but I think we should try and solve this diplomatic-like first. The lemon laws in CA refer to cars, but there's this The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and The Uniform Commercial Code, but I'm not so sure that they cover non-car stuff and I can't figure out the wording so and legal mumbo jumbo don't mix.  
So, Anyway, we'll see how that pans out! If it works, my boss is buying the bf beer :)  
Update: My boss got a call from some higher-up on Friday. She had her requested 700p in hand and set up yesterday. Pretty damn fast and efficient! Score one for calling higher-ups! I scored brownie points :)
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
this is how my day has gone today.
Ipod question
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
Does anyone here have an Ipod and *not* use iTunes?  
I've got a 4 gig nano, and use the mlipod plugin for Winamp. I loaded up the nano til it said it was full and unplugged it. When I play from the nano itself, it says it has 460 songs. However, when I plug it in to my puter (and it shows up as a hard drive) and que the directory up in winamp, it says there are 661 songs. So does it mean that there's 200 songs that the nano software isn't recognizing?  
Any insight would be helpful!
Out of Control
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
I feel incredibly out of control right now. It's hot as hell here right now which makes everyone misreable, I'm moving, I'm not feeling very motivated at work right now, and I'm having trouble with getting my a/c fixed at home.  
Here's my prediciment: On 6/5, I made a request to my landlady that she take a look at my a/c unit, as it was not blowing cold air. On 6/6, they came out and replaced the filter, thinking that was the problem. On 6/7, I made another report that it did not fix the problem. They called the a/c guy out on 6/8, and he said that there was a part that needed replacing and that they would have to order it from the east coast, and that it would take 7-10 business days to get here. In the meantime, they gave me this portable a/c unit that fits into the window. On 6/16, I called to get a status check only for the landlady to tell me that the a/c guy 'forgot' to order the part. In the meantime, the temperature has climbed into the 100's, and I've got 3 cats who have started pooping on my bed because the temp a/c can't keep up with the heat, and they're hot. On 6/20, my landlady called to say that they'd be out on 6/22 to fix the a/c. I came home last night from work and the a/c has *still* not been fixed. So now, I don't know what to do. I've left a note and msgs for my landlady, but she hasn't called me back. I suspect she's avoiding me now. She reports to the property managing company. Do I call them on Monday if I don't hear back from her today? It's been 3 weeks, and I feel I've been pretty tollerant, but when it starts affecting my kids in a negative way, that's where I draw the line.  
Need some advice on this, please.  
Also, I work semi-closely with 3 other offices. I've got the 'problem' office who chooses to disrespect almost every procedure I've put into place. My boss is all about "it'll wash out in the end", and I have to learn to let people burn their own bridges and not think it's my fault when they fail.  
Anyway, meh. MEH!  
Update 2:12pm: Yay, they're coming to fix the a/c between 6pm and 8pm!  
Update Saturday, 6/24: They fixed the a/c! The fix-it guy was cute *and* he knew Tool as soon as it started playing! He left at 6:45p, and I left about 2 mins after that. Hopefully when I get home, it'll be nice and cool in the house!
The time that she gave in to the hate....
Posted by misycarrot 12 years ago
*sigh* So, I need a new mp3 player. My Nomad is on its way out, and I'm tired of the standard problems that come with Nomad's interface. My only reliable, viable option is to buy a goddamned ipod Nano (cause I want a flash player cause it has no moving parts). Josh is trying to talk me into buying one:  
him: the nano is the smallest MP3 player on the market  
me: nano only goes up to 4  
me: and besides, it's 300 bux  
him: there are no flash players above 4 gigs that I know of  
me: wtf in their right mind would pay 300 bux for 4 gigs?  
him: past that it's all hard drive players  
me: what?  
him: you can't get a solid state player larger than 4 gigs  
me: ya well, $300 is outrageous  
me: 180 is fair  
him: you can get a nano for under $250 if you look  
me: but it's an apple product  
me: which i really don't want  
me: i can live with 4 gigs...does any one make a flash player *not* made by apple?  
him: yes, check that link I sent you up there  
me: ya, but it only got a 7.1 rating  
him: there are no flash players that rate higher than that that aren't made by Apple  
him: none  
him: and in the 5GB hard drive arena, the Zen Micro (which you have) rates highly but you'll have the same problems with the headphone jack that you're having now, based on what I'm reading  
him: the sansa m260 is unique in that it runs on an AAA battery instead of a rechargable  
him: just buy a damned nano :P  
him: and use it with winamp :P  
him: you have already given steve jobs much money over your life with each purchase of a pixar DVD  
him: and each time you have seen a pixar film in the theater  
him: give in to the hate :P  
me: mmm  
me: *maybe*  
me: *only* if i don't have to use itunes or any apple software *ever*  
him: *emperor voice* you want... this....  
him: yes...  
him: I can feel your anger  
him: take your nano  
him: I am unarmed  
him: strike me down with all your music  
him: and your journey towards the dark side will be complete  
me: lol  
him: shall I write up the paperwork for your commission in the Imperial Navy?  
me: shutup :P  
Missy isn't going willingly, ya know :P  
him: CORUSCANT - Emperor Palpatine announced today the signing of the "Williams Pact", a compact of free association between the Galactic Empire and the Williams system, an Outer Rim territory known for its maverick stance on galactic politics.  
him: When asked for comment, the Emperor replied with several bolts of purple lightning which killed the press corps for the fourth conference in a row.  
me: lol  
I feel dirty :P
*shakes head*
Posted by misycarrot 13 years ago
People fucking amaze me sometimes. I bought 3 items from 3rd party sellers on for my office, saving the company $165 (versus going to Office Supply Company A), and my boss and I got yelled at for it, saying that we should have used our rep at Office Supply Company A to get us a better deal.  
My question is, why the hell does it matter? Why should I have to go thru 3 people to get something at a more expensive price than I would pay at Amazon?  
Don'tcha just love corporate America? Idiots.
not hiding out so much as just being sick
Posted by misycarrot 13 years ago
Just wanted to drop in to tell everyone I was still alive!  
I've been sick for a couple of months straight and just haven't felt like doing much of anything, much less LinkFiltering. I had an MRSA (staph infection that is resistant to most all antibiotics) infection for 2 months and no one diagnosed it properly until about 5 days ago. Oopsie! So 6 months, 8 boils, a 2-day hospital stay, and 10 rounds of antibiotics later, I'm finally on the mend! Wahoo!  
Now it's time to deal with insurance companies and mis-filed claims by various doctors offices. When it's all said and done, I think my end of the medical bills will be about $2k, but that's much better than having no insurance at all, right? My hospital stay alone was $35k.  
So, the light at the end of that tunnel is getting brighter everyday and aside from the harshness of the meds I'm currently on, I'm feeling much better...just in time to move again! :P  
I'll try and start hanging out again...I miss you guys! :)
Posted by misycarrot 13 years ago
Context: cleaning up a database and finding easier ways to do so  
him: even better, lets just convert it to a true SQL database with a web frontend!  
him :D  
them: good idea, but i deal with a bunch of fucking morons and I've got them where I want them atm, so I better not fuck things up by trying to make it easier :P  
him: lol  
him: if you were any more cynical I think you'd form some kind of singularity  
him: from which nothing can escape, not even laughter  
him: a black hole of rat-bastardom  
him: ;)  
him: is it any wonder I love you?!  
them: hehe  
them: aw, thanks...i think :P  
him: :)