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a conundrum:  
i love yoga. it makes me feel amazing, healthy, centered, and spiritually aligned. i wish i did it every day. i wish i was a yoga teacher.  
so why don't i do it more? i have the videos, the tools and, hell!, i even have a studio ACROSS THE STREET. so why am i such a lazy-ass?
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can anyone tell why my blog works in firefox but not in ie ?  
fix your jones  
the sidebar is displayed way down the page in ie.
true story...
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i woke up this morning and i'm pretty sure i was singing "you're a grand ole' flag."
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is ready to move on...he's had enough of new york and wants to go somewhere a little less cynical.  
who gets him next?  
love, jones
From today's times
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Dear Diary:  
I live in a town house with a rear terrace that faces two very tall apartment buildings. Confronted every day with other people's lives, I have discovered that there is a very clear "Rear Window" etiquette in New York: one doesn't stare at one's neighbors.  
The only exception I have made to this rule was on a fine spring Sunday some years ago when I looked across the air shaft and saw a large German shepherd that apparently had been left alone in his apartment. As I watched, he glanced furtively around before he put his paws up on the kitchen counter and strained to reach a brown paper bag, presumably containing bagels and lox or other breakfast goodies, with his teeth. I instinctively yelled out, "Bad dog!"  
The shepherd immediately released his prize and dropped down on all fours in confusion - the apartment was empty! Where did this disembodied voice of authority come from?  
The bag remained untouched until his owners returned.
a question...
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is condi really a lesbian?
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it's killing me that i can't figure this out.  
but look at this....  
4 8 15 16 23 42
i'm in love...
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he's the best...he fell asleep on my lap last night. it's killing me that he's not with us yet! but tonight we go shopping for dog stuff...tomorrow is the in-home visit...and saturday he's ours!  
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i don't want to curse this...but glitch and i are in the process of adopting a dog. he's the most wonderful animal...a boxer mix named baxter. he's 2...and spent much of his youth in the pound, and then with a trainer who took him in and worked with him until he learned that humans give the best kind of love.  
when glitch and i met him, he was cold and scared, and in the city for the first time. glitch sat down to pet him, and baxter crawled right into his lap. i think that was the moment...that split second when i watched that dog place his full trust in glitch...that i knew that both of them were meant to be mine.  
i'm very excited....we'll know for sure tomorrow if it's all going to happen according to plan...but it's very possible that this weekend we'll be able to post photos of our puppy here.  
any advice for the pre-adoption dog owner?  
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happy new year, glitch!  
i'm afraid to call because i might wake your parents up.  
but i'm thinking of you!
while writing in my 2005 calendar....
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"Ortenzia Caviglia, hitherto unheard, went on instead; her 'Vide le cerceuil, vide mon coeur' put the audience into raptures."
linkfilter's challenge...should it choose to accept...
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i'm looking for a cool image with people hanging out of a car and waving...could be a cartoon...or a photoshopped picture...just something fun to use on a travel marker for a map.  
linkfilter's challenge...should it choose to accept...
Posted by jones 14 years ago
i'm looking for a cool image with people hanging out of a car and waving...could be a cartoon...or a photoshopped picture...just something fun to use on a travel marker for a map.  
thoughts on a past conversation with glitch
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jones: i bought this book  
glitch: how come?  
jones: i thought it was about the war of the roses. but it's not.  
glitch: and you bought it anyway?  
jones: yes....because books choose you.  
glitch shakes his head  
jones: you think i'm crazy.  
glitch: i know you're crazy.  
where do you fall on the 'books choose you' argument?
Jon Stewart on Bush v. Kerry.
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GQ: If competitiveness is George W. Bush's defining characteristic, what's John Kerry's?  
JS: Ambition.  
GQ: What's the difference?  
JS: Competitiveness is: I will beat you in thumb wrestling or the presidential election. Ambition is: I will be a great man. History will remember me.  
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do not meddle in dragons' affairs...for you are crunchy and tasty with ketchup.
probably a repost...
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new job...gone fishin'
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so i got the job...i can officially cross off the last item on my list...they confirmed everything on saturday--and I have to be on the 3:30 bus out of NYC to get to Boston for a week of training and national meetings. Wow. It went mad fast.  
So...I'm off until Saturday...have a great week, linkfilter.
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cheesecake tips...
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1. If you bake cheesecakes often, you'll benefit from using a professional cheesecake pan.  
2. Mix for the time and speed given in a recipe. Overbeating, including mixing at too high a speed, incorporates too much air, which can make a cheesecake collapse.  
3. Many recipes have you add moisture during baking to help keep a cheesecake from cracking. To do this, place a shallow pan of hot water on the bottom oven rack during baking.  
4. Recipe directions may also warn you to not "peek" at a cheesecake until it nears the end of baking. Cheesecakes can crack from a sudden shock of cold air.  
5. Cheesecakes are baked at lower temperatures than regular cakes to keep them from shrinking.  
6. How can you tell if cheesecake is done? Either touch the top lightly or gently shake the pan. The center may be just firm to your touch or jiggle slightly, but it will set during chilling.  
7. Poking the tip of a knife in the cheesecake to test doneness isn't advised because the hole could cause it to crack.  
1. Let the cheesecake cool at room temperature for 30 minutes or as directed in the recipe before you put it in the fridge.  
2. Refrigerate it uncovered for 2 to 3 hours or until chilled before you serve it. If you cover the warm cheesecake right away, moisture may condense and drip onto the cheesecake top.  
3. After chilling, cover the cheesecake so that it doesn't dry out or pick up odors from other foods, and keep it in the fridge.  
4. Run a metal spatula along the side to loosen it from the pan; do this after baking and after refrigerating. Otherwise, the cheesecake could pull away from the crust as it cools.  
5. To cut, first dip the knife into water, and clean it off after every cut. Or use a piece of dental floss! Holding a length of dental floss taut between your hands, pull the floss down through the cheesecake, making a clean cut.
thoughts on life...or at least...on this morning...
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having keys made is more expensive than one would think.  
who knew you could need screws in so many different sizes?  
prepping for job interviews takes a ton of time.  
sometimes, you can go home again.  
sleeping on a mattress on the floor can be pretty comfortable.  
loose tea bags are a godsend.  
when someone in brooklyn says 'jumbo'...they're not kidding.  
sometimes chatting with storekeepers can be really interesting.  
playboy is an incredible magazine.  
air conditioning is equally as important as indoor plumbing.  
technology really is only technology for those who came before it.  
unpacking, while fun, can take forever.  
linkfilter is an awful distraction.  
A Request
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Dear Linkfilter...  
This is a plea to all who will see The Village this weekend.  
Please please please don't talk about "the secret" here...I'm so so so excited about this movie...and I won't get a chance to see it until Monday at the earliest. Please do me a favor and keep me in the dark until next week?  
Thank you!!  
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my desktop now...
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my sister saw this and said...  
"Wow...that looks so much like glitch."  
maybe that's why i love this photo so much.  
oh how i wish i had a picture phone...
Posted by jones 14 years ago 3 at the convention...finally have some time to sit down and journal (briefly) about it.  
The energy in Boston is palpable...everyone is so excited...the delagates that I've met are really cool and really really excited. I spent all of yesterday out at the Convention center answering questions and chatting with delagates, protesters, and the media. Basically...that's what I'm doing--chatting with people. Everyone is so excited about this election--the city is buzzing with energy, and I spoke with one guy yesterday who's been a delagate for every election since JFK's...and he said the party hasn't been this tightly knit or this excited since then. I wasn't around then, but I get the sense that's true...people are resonating at an inhuman frequency. I can't explain it better than that--there's just so much excitement, energy, and passion from everyone involved.  
I spent this morning at the DNC Youth Caucus--as many of you know, I'm really interested in what makes young people commit to causes...what makes them passionate...what compels them to make a difference...the Youth Caucus was fascinating for that...the Kerry daughters made an appearance and talked about "dad" and how he feels about young people. They talked about health care for youth and Kerry's national service plan and education and the draft. Statistics were thrown out about this election shaping up to be won or lost on the youth vote--20 million youth voters is a huge number...Rock the Vote was there, and talked about their goal to register 1 million voters under the age of 30 by October 1...they've already reached 400,000. The WWE was there to talk about their nonpartisan voter registration organization "Smackdown Your Vote." Nonpartisan organization, but one of the guys there (don't ask me who, i don't know) said "I'm convinced that, when he was governor of Texas, GW saw Stone Cold Steve Austin and said 'I wanna be that guy.'" Also at the Youth Caucus were James Carville, three WWE wrestlers, and the lead singer of Everclear. I'm adding all those to my list of people I've had contact with, including Al Sharpton, Wesley Clark, the entire delegation of Wisconsin and, most importantly, Bernie Williams (who said "how you doing?" to me).  
It's just great to see so many people energized for a common purpose. Hearing the youth speak the way they do is so exciting...they're so sure they can make a makes me believe that we all can.
Live from the Convention
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Hangin out at Volunteer Headquarters...  
Al Sharpton...  
Wisconsin Delegation...  
more to come...  
10 songs on shuffle...add your own...
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Aimee Mann--Wise Up  
Sting and Frank Zappa--Murder by Numbers  
Shirley Bassey and the Propeller Heads--Goldfinger  
Ani DiFranco--Cradle and All  
The Fugees--Ready or Not  
Dixie Chicks--Top of the World  
Etta James--At Last  
The Rolling Stones--Little Baby  
Mike Doughty--The Only Answer  
it was just a really good 10 i wrote them down...
once upon a time...
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a friend wrote a short story.  
i just found it. i hadn't read it since...January 2001.  
we lost touch sometime after that...  
but the story is great. i don't think he'd mind if i quote part of it here.  
the relationship of the century didn't just die of a heart attack: it was a slow deliberate disease, one that seeped its way into our souls and mutated all precepts of kindness that had once existed. if a specially trained team of forensics experts were to perform an autopsy on the body, they would find a string of innocent conversations and occurrences, scar tissue and tumors in an otherwise healthy body. I think if I had to trace it back to somewhere, one specific event, it would start with her disbelief.  
"i don't believe you."  
those words were a tribute to either her stubbornness or insanity, and they always threw me for a loop.  
"i don't believe you," she'd say, and punctuate it with a horizontal column of smoke. "in my opinion, the last thing you said was a ludicrous statement, one not worth placing stock in, and, furthermore, i think the research that went into making such a sentence possible was either fraudulent or half-assed."  
Her ability to sound like a psychology textbook on top of all this never helped ease my suddenly reeling mind. "But all i said was..."  
"it doesn't matter what you said. all that matters is that i don't believe you."  
one had to admit it was a perfect argument. i could provide proof to back up whatever i had said, try my hardest to make her a believer, and yet, in her mind, the words that had left my mouth were not to be believed. her twin ideals of truth and reality could not be punctured by any of my lilliputian bullets of logic.  
wow. ever look back on some part of your life and realize you could be a real bitch when you wanted to be?  
moving...the worst part.
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ugh. i have 2 weeks before i move back to nyc. i'm not looking forward to the move...and i hate packing...but i have to get it done this week...because i'm working the dnc next week. ew ew ew. anyone wanna come keep me company? could be worse. i could be glitch. he has to move two of us. that's no fun.  
i'm using clean sweep as my inspiration for this move. if i haven't used something in the year i've been in boston, i'm getting rid of it. which i suppose means that most of the stuff in storage in my parents' house should go. hmmm...  
baby steps. first the boston batch. i'll consider a clean sweep of the rest when i get to brooklyn.