I want to eat your brain.
Posted by grimrides 9 years ago
This cracks me up. I'm so jazzed to see this movie when it comes out.  
I want to eat your brain...  
picture courtesy of Zombify Yourself
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Halloween is coming. About 5 months away.  
If that seems early, it's not if you make your costume.  
I dunno what I want to be.  
I did Miss Argentina. I did Maude Lebowski. I did Wonder Woman.  
What am I gonna be this year?  
I thought about the Martian Spy Girl. Make a dress. Get a big huge bubbleflip wig. Be a fembot a la Austin Powers. Bouffy hair, fluffy pink dress.  
I am stumped otherwise. This is very unlike me.  
Maybe I just need to cruise the video store and see what jumps out at me.  
Get some movie inspiration.
she want head?
Posted by grimrides 11 years ago
Somedays I think I should never leave the house again.  
But then again, I'd miss out on stuff like what happened the other day.  
I recently bought some dummy heads, but they came bald.  
So I went to go get hair for my mannequin heads.  
I didn't want to spend a billion dollars on the wigs so I went to the Dirt Mall.  
What's a Dirt Mall? An indoor flea market, which can have all new  
or a mix of new and used goods. Ours is solely new stuff.  
Knock off stuff, CD's that you're not sure are new or bootlegged,  
light up blinking picures of Jesus, a wide variety of gold teeth grills  
and of course, a ton of wigs.  
I was amazed at how expensive the wigs were for the Dirt Mall.  
They weren't even human hair.  
Standing in the sellers little booth, surrounded on all four sides by  
waves of "100% Yaki Kanekalon FiberPremium Multi BlendHair!"  
that sold for at least $30, I found myself wondering why cheaply made wigs would cost so much.  
I always haggle at flea markets, so I figured maybe if I told them  
what I needed 'em for, dummies, not people, maybe they could cut  
me a deal or something.  
I found a woman hiding admidt the braids eating lunch.  
Cute chubby Asian woman. I told her, "Hi! I want some wigs, for 2 dummy heads. Are there wigs you've had for a long time you can make me a deal on?"  
She smiled and nodded vigorously. She grabs me and marches us  
over to a fabulous looking Asian man. She informs me he doesn't understand  
English as well as she does, so she's going to help me talk to him.  
He was short, with slightly greying hair. What I noticed first off was this  
huge mole on his chin. It had this uber long grey hair growing out of it.  
It was at least 4 inches long.  
I kept resisting the urge to grab it and yank it out.  
Hi-yah! Yank yank!  
But I resisted.  
He looked as if he should be in a 70's Kung Fu movie, I adored him.  
He didn't however have the grasp of the English language that his female  
companion did.  
So she helped me out...  
Asian Woman: (grabs his arm and yanks on it) She wants 2 wig!  
Asian Man: (nods vigorously in apparent understanding) For her?  
And he starts to drag out pre-printed box that says, "WIGS - RED"  
from under a table, presumably to set me up with a lovely red haired wig  
for me.  
The Asian Woman looks frustrated. And she continues to talk to him.  
Asian Woman: Not for her! For dummy head!  
Asian Man: (looks confused) Huh?  
Asian Woman: (gets louder) She want WIG for DUMMY! Make her deal.  
Asian Man: (looks more confused) What dummy?  
Asian Woman: (frustrated and louder) DUMMY HEAD! SHE WANT FOR HEAD!  
Asian Man: (looks shocked and loud) WHAT? SHE WANT HEAD?  
Then he looked at me. And smirked at me.  
I'm so serious. His english wasn't that bad I think.  
Asian Woman then hit him and hard.  
A small crowd is gathering, to watch our little scene.  
I think they thought we were in some sorta weird tokyo yaki kanekelon hair fiber love triangle.  
The fabulous Asian Woman finally shouts at him,  
and then the whops a mannequin head with her hand.  
The Asian Man gets this look of understanding on his face  
and proceeds to try and sell me some really ugly short haired  
He finally said he'd give me these longer ones for 2 for 35 bucks  
but they had no bangs and were really awful fake fair so I just  
told him thank you, but no and left.  
Ah, what an odd day.  
going down
Posted by grimrides 11 years ago
So eBay has a new feature for feedback.  
DSR ratings. You can rate folks by stars for:  
item as described  
seller communication  
shipping time  
shipping and handling charges  
I did a recent eBay barrage of auctions, and I shipped EVERYTHING  
the same or next day as I got paid. That's fast. Most times I wait a  
week before I ever see the darn package when I buy. I charged flat rate  
shipping, and I usually had to pay a little extra out of pocket to ship the stuff. I made daily trips to the post office. Sometimes I even went and used the 24 hour USPS lobby to get their stuff out ASAP.  
Everybody got their stuff within 3 days (priority mail).  
I've been doing it this way for a long time,  
sending everything same or next day after getting paid. I just like doing it  
this way. I want it out of my house and in their hands ASAP.  
Know what? My DSR went down for shipping time.  
It went down! That sucks. I don't deserve it.  
They say I am a "median seller" for shipping time.  
What am I supposed to do? Send them their items before they pay me?  
When our DSR's are low, they kick us down to the bottom  
of the search results. So we don't get as much exposure for  
our auctions.  
And you know what? I don't think the folks who "rated" me  
knew they were gonna make it go down. They left me such  
nice "written" feedback. They were nice polite pleasant buyers.  
I truly don't think they realized about  
the DSR's. And here's why.  
eBay tells buyer, that a 3 is average. 4 is above average.  
5 is fantastic.  
A bidder using the ratings may think giving you a three or four is great.  
And it sounds like it oughta.  
But If you get a rating of 4 do you know you get a red warning flag on your listing?  
I'm serious. It will scare off bidders.  
I think telling the well meaning buyers one thing, yet knocking us down  
for a four isn't very fair, in my opinion.  
From auctionbytes:  
Sellers are upset because eBay penalizes sellers with low DSRs and disadvantages their listings in search. And now, even a 4-star rating (which doesn't sound like a bad rating) leads to a Red Warning from eBay being inserted in listings that appear to some percentage of shoppers who are part of eBay's View Item testing.  
I've been on eBay for about ten years. I used to adore it. Love it.  
And now? I really am tired of it.  
My opinion of eBay isn't a very good one right now.  
Etsy and ioffer look better and better all the time.  
- me  
dslr dilemma
Posted by grimrides 11 years ago
I want to upgrade from a point and shoot to a digital SLR camera.  
I have 2 old ancient SLR cameras.  
Two big old tanks: Pentax K1000 and Mamiya Sekor DTL 1000.  
And I love 'em to death. But I'd still like to get a DSLR.  
I'm just tired of my point and shoot digital.  
I've been reading up on Canon Cameras, and I think they sound interesting.  
I was looking at the Canon 40D 'till I read these articles here.  
link: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2008_reviews/canon_rebel_xsi.html  
So now I have no idea what one to get.  
Anyone own both a rebel and a 40D (or a 20D - 30d?)?  
Got any input? Am I just paying for big bragging rights if I buy a 40D?  
My father used to tell me all the time, it's the photographer, not the camera.  
The photos will be used for both the web and to make prints. (I own a Canon Pixma MP970 printer already).  
I'm gonna take pics of stuff to sell online (lots of macro shots especially), some artsy fartsy junk, and of course, the normal type pics (family, events, etc)...  
eat me
Posted by grimrides 11 years ago
From my favorite Thanksgiving Movie, Addams Family Values (1993)  
Wait! We cannot break bread with you.  
You have taken the land which is rightfully ours.  
Years from now my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations.  
Your people will wear cardigans, and drink highballs.  
We will sell our bracelets by the road sides,  
and you will play golf, and eat hot hors d'oeuvres.  
My people will have pain and degradation.  
Your people will have stick shifts.  
The gods of my tribe have spoken.  
They said do not trust the Pilgrims, especially Sarah Miller.  
Amanda: Gary, she's changing the lines...  
Wednesday: And for all of these reasons I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground.  
From Gary's Vision (aka The Pageant)  
(watch video here)  
Eat us! Hey, its Thanksgiving Day!  
Eat us, we make a nice buffet!  
We lost the race with Farmer Ed,  
so eat us 'cause we're good and dead.  
White man or red man from east, north or south,  
chop off our legs, and put 'em in your mouth!  
Eat me!  
Sautéed or barbecued!  
Eat me!  
We once were pets but now we're food!  
We won't stay fresh for very long!  
So eat us before we finish this song!  
Eat us before we finish this song!
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Posted by grimrides 11 years ago
i got 96 tears and 96 eyes
Posted by grimrides 12 years ago
The Cramps - Human Fly  
(written by Lux Interior and Ivy Rorschach)  
Well I'm a human fly  
I-I said F-L-Y  
I say "buzz buzz buzz"  
A-and it's just becuz  
I-I'm a human fly  
A-and I don't know why  
I got 96 tears and 96 eyes  
I got a garbage brain  
That's drivin' me insane  
And I don't like the ride  
So push that pest aside  
And baby I won't care  
'Cuz baby I don't scare  
'Cuz I'm a reborn maggot using tomb warfare  
I-I'm a human fly  
I-I said F-L-Y  
I-I say "bzz bzz bzz"  
A-and it's just becuz  
I'm a unzipped fly  
A-and I don't know why  
And I don't know why  
But I say,  
Rock tonight, and I say  
Rocket ride, and I say  
But I don't know why  
Aw, I just don't know why
where's wonder woman?
Posted by grimrides 12 years ago
For a couple days now, my wonder woman user icon hasn't been showing up.  
>:( If you're reading this, is it showing up for you?  
I love my darn icon.  
- me
I need the balls
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I need to find these.  
plastic bowling ball toy set
plastic toy bowling ball set  
They're usually very cheap and stocked with summer items in drug stores,  
grocery stores, etc.  
I used to see 'em at Wal-Mart each summer, but this year, they're not carrying 'em.  
If you're out and about and you see 'em, or you know a store that  
carries 'em, can you post a comment?  
My work schedule doesn't allow me a lot of time to look.  
Last resort, I'll get 'em on eBay.  
But the price and shipping is ridiculous for such a cheap thing.  
I found a set at Rite Aid.
For Couchdive: Water Bras By The Gallon
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
Here, for couchdive, a blog I did on my Myspace Page:  
water bras by the gallon  
I remember when water bra's came out, I had to get one.  
Gimmicky underpants are my fiend.  
Not easy, considering they usually top out at a C cup  
and I needed a 38D.  
I tracked down a 36D one, and squished in.  
I looked like I had a '59 Caddy front end on my chest,  
I loved it. Just loved it. I looked like boobzilla.  
It made me a DD, they add a cup size you see.  
The bra looked kinda silly on it's own though. The cups were just huge,  
full of water. The A cup ones I saw, had a fraction of  
the water mine did. But I didn't care, it made me look fabulous.  
Then I wore it out one night, and we went to a movie.  
It was a very intense serious kinda art house flick.  
Everyone was watching it intensely in silence.  
I had to use the potty, so I got up and made my way  
towards the end of the aisle.  
And I glugged the entire way. I'm serious.  
I took a step, and -=glug=-!  
My bra would slosh and make this gurgling noise.  
Kinda like when you carry a bucket of water.  
The folks I'd pass in front of in the flickering light of  
the flick, looked as if they were searching for the source of  
the sound.  
One man said in a quite chipper fashion,  
"Your stomach is rumbling, it must be time for popcorn!".  
But it was just my boobs. I'm lucky it was so darn dark in there,  
'cuz my cheeks were red as my hair.  
Me and my gurgling boobs from that point on stuck to loud nightclubs  
and concerts.  
mardi gras '06
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
Grim Rides lined up to go in Central Valley Mardi Gras Parade this year
leaky roof
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
For the gabillionth time in so many years,  
my roof is leaking again.  
Roof leaked: January 1, 2006  
I wish they'd fix it once and for all.  
This is a pain.
author unknown
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I’ve ambled up to Everest  
And made the rounds with boxing champs  
Though clever as the cleverest  
I don’t know squat about your cramps  
I’ve been around the block a lot  
Known vixens, vestal virgins, vamps  
Except I have one caveat  
I’m not familiar with your cramps  
Some curios are curious  
Some highways have a thing for ramps  
Some paramours are amorous  
Sometimes I think about your cramps  
I’ve shed some light where darkness lay  
And turned on lamps of many amps  
But where I see myself today  
Is in the dark about your cramps  
So tell me, dear, or call, or write  
I’ll reimburse you for the stamps  
Though some might think it impolite  
I’d love to hear about your cramps  
- author unknown  
lyric quote
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
"Aah my favorite brain soup, cream of nowhere."  
The Cramps - Surfin' Dead
miss argentina
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
Here's me, having a happy halloween.  
I had a lovely time.  
I saw so many cool outfits!  
I saw Blacula, Lady Death, Curious George.  
I had a blast.  
Me as Miss Argentina and Teacher Man as Santo  
big white hearse
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I got my hearse painted.  
Here he is:  
He looks like a big white cloud o'doom.  
Or maybe a fridge o'doom.  
I'm not sure.  
Whatever. He's cute and shiny and he deserves it.
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
Your costume is a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume!  

What Should Your Halloween Costume Be?
brought to you by Quizilla  
Why Tinkerbell is Fat
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
Why Tinkerbell is Fat  
I am sitting on the computer, and I hear this  
little tearing sound.  
Tear, tear, tear.  
I get up and I walk into the back hallway, where  
the tearing sound is coming from.  
I see nothing special.  
I see a bench that I keep bags of cat food on.  
I usually get an extra when it's on sale.  
I go thru a lot of cat food owning multiple cats.  
I stand for a moment, and I hear it again.  
Tear, tear, tear.  
I suddenly see a grip of cat food pouring out onto the floor  
from seemingly nowhere.  
I investigate, and find that Tinkerbell had  
gone to the trouble to make a little hole  
in the bag of cat food.  
She laid behind it to do so.  
I couldn't tell she had been doing it.  
I guess she had laid her porky self behind it and just  
munched whenever she liked.  
I put out food for 'em daily.  
But I guess it wasn't enough for Tinkerbell Kobayashi.  
I just laughed my butt off and then hid the food.  
she is just so mad at me.
Miss Tinkerbell Kobayashi
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago

I had an army of kittens I fostered and adopted out,
but I kept one and TM kept one.

This is the one I kept. Tinkerbell.

TM said she is getting so fat,
he now calls her Tinkerbell Kobayashi,
after Takeru Kobayashi who is the world's
Hot Dog Eating champion.

Y'know, I don't feed her more than the other cats,
but my god, she is getting huge. I think it's her metabolism.

She's not super cuddly.
When she is remotely cuddly, she always wants
to lay on my head, or my feet or somewhere equally uncomfortable
for me.

She's not super smart.
She's doesn't do much other than lay around.

When I pick her up, she whines.
When I eat, she runs to me and sticks her head in my food.

She is the most useless cat I've had.

Of course I adore her madly.
She's my little pork chop. I talk to her all
the time and she just whines at me.

She's fantabulous.

Here she is, in all her chubby furred glory,
Miss Tinkerbell Kobayashi:

Bring me food now. No I am not a bearskin rug.
I am not fat. I am big boned.

You don't want to feed me? HA HA! I laugh at you puny humans.

A bowl of mac and cheese will do just fine.
Now chop chop and go get me it.

kitty love
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
The kittens are grown up and finally my big cat got used to them.  
They're darling.  
The girls hate each other now, but he loves them both.  
They're his harem.  
Here he is admiring Tinkerbell in all her chubby fluff glory.  
Me and Teacher Man sit and watch them and just giggle like fiends.  
They're just precious to watch.
further adventures of miss argentina
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I removed this. - me
miss argentina escapade
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
For my costume, I've enlisted the help of  
a girl who apprenticed for a anime wig maker to make the hair.  
I don't want to dye my hair tomato red. A wig seems easier.  
That and I won't have to fuss with it all night.  
I'll just pin it on and be done with it.  
It'll be cute.  
She's cutting me a deal, but I figured, after I spend money  
on materials for the wig, and the cape (which is giving me a headache already,  
getting the stand up collar right) and the body paint?  
I gotta save some moola and time somewhere.  
To sew a dress is just going to cost even more moola, take more time,  
and I figure I can prob buy off the rack.  
I think folks really only notice her hair, skin and that cape to be honest.  
So I tried going to discount clothes stores, like Ross, to find  
an evening dress that might work.  
So I find one on the rack. A little strapless number  
for like $15.00  
I scamper to the dressing room, and pull it on.  
It's cute, but it's not right for the costume.  
I go to take it off, and I can't.  
The zipper is stuck. Stuck in it's tracks, refusing to budge.  
I wiggle, hoping it'll free it up. Nothing.  
I suck it in, and rotate it around so the zipper is in the front  
so I can "manhandle" it better.  
Still nothing. The zipper was at a point, where  
I couldn't get it over my shoulder, and I coudln't  
get it down over my hula hips.  
So I gave it one last try, and it gave a little.  
But it didn't help any. It moved all of an inch.  
So I hopped outside of my little draped cubby in the dressing  
room and spied an employee collecting clothes from fitting rooms.  
I enlisted her to try and get me out.  
She honestly put one foot on my butt and pulled the zipper.  
The darn thing ripped to bits.  
Better it ripping on her pulling on it, and not me.  
I'll keep looking for a dress.
if I knew then, what I know now...
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago

"And I'll tell you something,
if I knew then, what I know now,
I wouldn't of had my little...accident"

- Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice
commenting on her suicide by slashing her wrists,
forever dooming her to be a civil servant in the afterlife.

body makeup
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
For Halloween, I want to make my skin bluish-green for one of my outfits.  
(I usually plan a couple of different costumes for parties and stuff).  
My problem is, I gotta make not just my face, but my arms, neck, chest, back, etc.  
I'm figuring liquid body makeup, but I'm kinda inexperienced to stuff you'd use on live people (I used to be a mortician).  
Anyone ever use this stuff? Got any suggestions? Brands they like?  
Application tricks? Anything?  
Here's a thing I found online, I'm sticking it here for my own reference...  
It takes about 16 fluid ounces to paint an average person from head to toe. 1 fluid ounce for an arm and hand. 2 fluid ounces for a head (face and head).
new tattoo
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I got a new cover up tattoo.  

The Black Cat Fireworks Cat  
By my fiend: Julio Avila @ Marks of Art in SJ, CA
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I'm looking for a link, that was posted here,  
that makes Heineken Labels online with text that you enter...  
I think Mac123 posted it, but I can't find it anywhere...  
Got any ideas?  
objets d'art
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago
I bought some art.  
Some Shag's, to be exact.  
I am so stoked, I always wanted some,  
and I finally bit the bullet and got some.  
I think I gave in 'cuz these were Disney themed ones.  
My Shags:  
Tangaroa - #150 of 300 made for 40th Anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room  
Original Lands Boxed Set - 300 made for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary  
link: Shag - Official Site
join the the zombie army
Posted by grimrides 13 years ago