Bad Times at the El Royale
I'll scribble a film review by request, but otherwise I recommend catching Bad Times at the El Royale while it is still in theaters. There are two caveats: one, you should probably enjoy the structure of Homer's epics or Aeschylus' tragedies, not counting that schlock-fest Prometheus Bound; two, you should be able to accept the purpose of the violence on screen, which will be quite a task if you don't care for heroic poems.
If you know someone who enjoys theatre, drag them along and get their take after the film.
Award for Best Use of Bar Chart
I was feeling sentimental and, if appearances can be trusted, looking rather nostalgic. This is one of the few online communities that placed association above content. Perhaps I'm speaking with a ghost, but I'll converse quietly with the dead rather than failing to cut through the roar of reddit, facebook, and others.
My facebook account is active, and I believe I'm still a part of the LF group, but talking with the old crew on facebook feels like chatting up friends in the lobby of an STD clinic. Although, I am still grateful for the time that Pone used facebook to get me out of an elevator. I would rather be loathed here than loved on social media.
Speaking of loathing, I'm back to writing stories. Don't expect any sort of release schedule, but should you want some diversion, you can find the ones I've published on Medium. The page isn't monetized, and the stories are only there to be enjoyed.
The filter revisited
Been looking back through my posts and comments. It's strange to see these fragments of who I used to be. Can't say I much care for that person, but I don't harbor any regret either. I grew out of it.  
I've missed linkfilter and the peculiar little culture that I was allowed to be a part of. I want that again, but for different reasons than before. Having evolved past the need for others to agree with my opinions, I want to participate in this strange and secret society again so that I might be challenged, amused, and enjoy the engagement this relatively narrow channel of communication allows. Reddit is a noise factory, a Singapore crammed full of thieves, whores, and exhibitionists. I prefer the small-town atmosphere of the filter. So, thanks for having me.  
And now for today's important question: Where is lorddimwit?