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I just finished watching Date Movie.  
If anyone asks you if you want to go see Date Movie here is what you should do:  
-Kick them in the nuts  
-Run away screaming  
I can't begin to describe just how terrible this movie really is. I expected it to be hokey like Scary Movie but it goes into levels of retardation that the Special Olympics haven't even seen.  
I am dumber for having watched this movie.
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Leadtek technical support sucks.  
I built a new PC for a friend two weeks ago. He gave me a budget and told me what he wanted to do with the PC. One of the requirements was the ability to record TV and copy things from a VCR. I decided on a Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP Expert, it had good reviews on newegg and was fairly cheap.  
I assembled the computer and started installing windows (XP Pro), it would start to install and then freeze. I took out all unnecessary components (basically the TV card) and installed windows without a problem.  
After getting windows going I installed the updates and service packs and put the TV card back in. Windows would not boot, it would get to the splash screen and hang there. Booting in safe mode did not work either, it would freeze after loading Mup.sys. I updated the motherboard BIOS and installed the latest stable drivers for everything. Still would not boot.  
I put the card in one of my PC's to verify that the card actually worked. Windows (Win2000) booted and found the card without a problem. Obviously the card wasn't defective.  
After searching Google and Leadteks website for any known hardware conflicts I decided to email Leadteks tech support. They have an online form you fill out and submit to them so I did.  
Here is the email exchange so far,  
My initial email to them  
My Name: Josh XXXXXX  
current location (State/Country): Louisville KY  
Phone Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX  
Product Name: TV2000 XP Expert  
Product serial number: XXXXXXXXXXX  
Purchased From: newegg.com  
Purchase Date: 2/20/06  
My Company Name: N/A  
System Environment: Motherboard (if applied): Asus Vintage-AH1  
Graphics card (if applied): MSI RX300HM  
CPU(brand, type & Speed): AMD Athlon 64 3200+  
Memory (size, type): 2 X 512mb DDR PC3200  
Motherboard Chipset: North Bridge: ATI RS482 V6.2.0.3 -- South Bridge: ULI  
M1573 V6.14.10.6525  
Motherboard BIOS version: 0303  
Graphics card BIOS version (if applied):  
Motherboard chipset driver & version (if applied):  
Operating System (Win 98/ME or Win 2K): Windows XP Pro  
Windows services pack version (if applied):Service Pack 2  
DirectX version: 9.0c  
Graphics card driver version (if applied): 8.17  
IRQ Usage:  
Peripheral cards:none other than PCI Express video card  
Symptoms: PC will not boot into windows with the card installed, without the  
card it boots fine. The PC will POST with no errors but it hangs at the XP  
splash screen. When booting in safe mode it hangs after it loads mup.sys  
I tried the card in different PC and it booted and recognized the card.  
Their response  
If the card works in another computer, then the card itself is ok. Please  
check you system and resolve any possible hardware/software conflicts.  
Best regards,  
Technical support  
Leadtek Research Inc.  
910 Auburn Court , Fremont, CA 94538  
*** Please attach all previous emails so that I can respond you sooner. ***  
My reply  
I realize the card itself is OK, I realized that when it worked fine  
in the other PC. Obviously there there is a hardware/software  
conflict, that's why I emailed for support. Your pathetic response has  
made me realize that was a mistake. The card will be sent back to Newegg  
and exchanged for card from a different manufacturer if this truly is  
the level of support that you offer.  
Thanks for all your "help"  
End of emails so far.  
Leadtek technical support sucks. I already have an RMA number from Newegg and will be sending the card back tomorrow.
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