It's funny
Posted by beaglebot 4 years ago
how many people seem to have gone straight for the journal  
how much I feel like this is home that hasn't been around for faro long  
how much my attitude has and hasn't changed over the years  
how little I care if anyone likes what I post or not but how much I want to post it.  
how many of you are still here and back so soon  
how long we've been here.  
"Chewie, we're home"
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What I want:
Posted by beaglebot 8 years ago
Any ideas?
More Music.
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The screen on mr iPod broke so I am currently somewhat mp3-less.  
I should be able to get a new whatsit late next month, but until then I htought it would be fun to play a little game.  
The game is "Make Beagle listen to stuff"  
It's simple, you email me stuff, I listen to it. I write a short review (It sucked is a review)  
So, what you waiting for?  
myusername @, as if most of you didn't already know that.
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Life in Meiji Era Japan in 3D*  
A presentation of black and white and hand-tinted color photographs  
and stereoscopic images taken during the late Meiji Period  
illustrating the daily lives of Japanese from all walks of life. From  
Yakuza, to Geisha to Street Life. From the works of Herbert Ponting,  
Henry Stromeyer Jullian Cochrane and T. Enami. A backdrop to an open  
discussion about the time period. (*presented in 2D)  
Lions and Tigers and Oni, oh my!  
Common anime monsters, demons, and ghosts can seem mind-bendingly  
weird, but they all have a basis in traditional Japanese folklore. If  
you have ever wondered why Japanese ghosts look the way they do, why  
those demons all have that face, or what is up with the frog with the  
bowl of water on his head, this is the place to be  
Anime Apologetics, How to be a good anime advocate.  
Call yourself an otaku? Scared by the people in costume? This is for  
you both. If you've ever been talking to someone about your hobby and  
watched their eyes glass over, or been the one whose eyes glassed  
over, there is something for you both. A place to get help on  
effectively getting others involved in the hobby.  
Anime 101: Terms, Tropes and  
What You Should Know But Probably Don’t. A quick history of anime, definition of terms–you’re probably not  
using them right!–partial overview of genres, and as much Q&A as time permits. Whether you’re a new fan, a confused parent of a hyperactive teenager, or (hopefully!) that hyperactive teenager, we’ve got you  
Introduction to live action (J-Dorama)  
Interested in Japanese dramas but don't know where to start? Looking  
for recommendations? Bridging the gap between anime, anime based  
j-drama and (gasp!)non-anime jdrama  
Anime is not a genre!  
"It's all kid shows" "It's all porn" Have you heard one of these when  
you mentioned your hobby to a friend? Have you thought one of these  
and would like more explanation about why this isn't the case? An  
overview of many different genre's and categories. Examples of the  
spectrum that the medium of anime has to offer.  
The Rise and Fall of OVAs 2010  
The OVA was a medium that changed the course of anime history, but it  
disappeared as quickly as it took off. Learn about the history of  
OVAs, and watch clips of landmark OVAs that were important to anime  
Super Basic Japanese: Cheating your way through anime.  
Beginning Japanese for Anime Fans: learn a little Japanese to help you  
enjoy what you’re watching even more. Find out why "Sa" means so many  
things, why one word can get translated as a full line of text, and  
words and phrases that are "anime only Japanese."  
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Just saw your cosplay girl wtf question, The show would b Gintama
Attn: Tech nerds
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
I am trying to find a way to reverse tether an android phone via usb. I'm using an HTC mytouch with 2.2.  
I need to be able to use the computers internet connection on the phone, not the usual way of using the phones connection on the computer. Wifi is not an option (and the mytouch is bitchy about ad hoc networks as it is.  
Anyone runs across something, lemme know.
Present help needed.
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I need to find the most awesome crane possible for as cheap as possible for demolition boy.  
"I did tell him that Daddy had more bills to pay than mommy so not to expect as many gifts from Dad. He said Ok that was fine if daddy would buy a crane and would open the gift from him."  
Ideally something that will withstand the pressure of being treated like 1) a hammer 2) a rock 3) a rock being hit by a hammer 4) a four year old with a screwdriver and surprising finger dexterity 5) a four year old with the grip, arm, upper body and leg strength of a 12 year old Olympic hopeful.
A serious question about race and genetic testing
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Doe sanyone have any experince with the test kits that will help you tell your heritage? I have a frined who do to adoptions and whatnot doesn't know and in a way it bugs her. All the info I can find online is dated. I'd liek more info on them currently, what they can realistly tell at various price points. I aooreciate the help.
Currently Listening:
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Sgt. Rock, by Paisley Pistachio Ennui off of their smash album "More Songs about English Food  
I need to find my copy of Bangers and Mash
Today's Movie Game - Double Feature (0001)
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Simple, make a double feature using the theme:  
Today - popcorn flicks  
A - Big Trouble in Little China  
B - Deathrace 2000
In my inbox
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You should really, really consider putting out a Beag to English guide at some point
Today's Movie Game - That's What Ya Want (0001)
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Yesterday went moderatly ok (at least one person played) so here's today's.  
We're going to play "That's what ya want." These are the scenes that you go to the movies for.  
My examples for you:  
The hallway fight scene in Old Boy (if you haven't seen it get ye to youtube and watch the scene)  
Ashe in Evil Dead 2 putting on the chainsaw and saying "Groovy" for the first time.  
All previous games can be found here
Film Games Joural Enttry - Index and game rules will be found here.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
The Games  
Recasting- I give you a movie and a new director and you recast it for them. Casting couch allowed. You have to use someone who's already been in that directors movies.  
Mule Skinner - Take a movie and give it a new director.  
Take me serious - Double feature of two movies where you try to make the second "serious" role be hard to swallow from the first. ie. To Wong Foo against Blade. Not that Blade should be taken seriously.  
Fuzzy Filter - You hame a movie/actor combo that if you squint you thought was someone esle in the role.  
"That's what ya want." These are the scenes that you go to the movies for.  
Double Feature - Make a double feature given the theme.  
That's what ya want  
Double Feature  
Today's Movie Game - Recasting (0001)
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
A little game to play, depending on how it goes I may start doing semi-regualar games in various flavors. Prize is bragging rights.  
Rules are simple, I give you a movie and director and you recast the movie for that director.  
Up first:  
Movie: The Hitchcock "Psycho"  
Director: Micheal Bay  
If I haven't told you to go watch "The Man from Earth"
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Consider it corrected. Do it. Now.  
(And go watch Ink, it's streaming on Netflix.)
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Does anyone have a small amount of server space they'd let me use for a wee bit of php?
Help please.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Ideas for making the best birthday party possible for a 4 year old when it will only be you and him and on a $0.00 budget.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
"Beagle-san, I can read your Japanese with no problem, but I have no idea if this is a sentance or a squiggle with a question mark in English."
For Sale
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago expire tomorrow. 7/5. If you'd like them they're yours for the renewal fee.
Well crap
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
My proxy has been blocked. WHich means my access to the internets is limited to here, there and gmail. Bastiges.
In case you didn't know, and cared.
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I've ceased crossposting almost eveything. I figure at this point you'll know what you want to see and can pick and choose, like the menu at the Chinese place.  
Life on the Moon - for your feed reader.  
This has replaced the old encyclopedia beaglebotica and is where you'll find various pictures, text, thoughts and whatnot.  
Japan-a-go-go - - for your feed reader.  
All things Japan. This is where to go if you liked the Japan related content. I will warn you that it is heavy on picutres of Japanese women, not that there's anything wrong with that. This also covers the old bathtubs, ofuro, onsen, bento, kimono, etc. blogs. One stop shopping, with schoolgirls.  
Content is variable so careful at work. This is also a team blog, I'll let te member name htemselves if they want, since some may not want.  
Just backs - - for your feed reader  
This is the newest incarnation of the old Celebrity Backs and Abs blog. It's become Just Backs. There are so many beautiful people, I thought I should give them all a chance.  
Other places you might, or might not, want to find me.  
Twitter - 1001001  
Facebook - eamil me @ [email protected] about it.  
LiveJournal - One of two personal Journals, email me about it if you want added. You will need an eljay account to make it worth your time at all (and even then)  
Some team blogs that I am not pulling my weight on: - All things cute - for your feed reader - where cool cars, bikes and other things go to be cooler. - for your feed reader. - All sorts of cool things inspired by science - for your feed reader.  
Your Cave - Remix
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
It's empty in the valley of your heart  
The sun, it rises slowly as you walk  
Towards all the fears  
And all the faults you didn't leave behind  
The harvest left no food for you to eat  
You cannibal, you meat-eater, you see  
But I haven't seen the same  
I don't know the shame you feel in defeat  
But I will hold on hope  
And I'll let you choke  
On the noose around your neck  
And I'll find strength in pain  
And I'll change my ways  
I'll know my name as it's called again  
Cause I have other things to fill my time  
You take what is yours and I'll take mine  
Now let me at the truth  
Which won't refresh your broken mind  
So tie me to a post and block my ears  
I can see widows and orphans through my tears  
I know my call despite my faults  
And despite my growing fears  
But I will hold on hope  
And I'll let you choke  
On the noose around your neck  
And I'll find strength in pain  
And I will change my ways  
I'll know my name as it's called again  
So come out of your cave walking on your hands  
And see the world hanging upside down  
You can understand dependence  
When you know the maker's hand  
So make your siren's call  
And sing all you want  
I will not hear what you have to say  
Cause I have freedom now  
And I now know how  
To live my life as it's meant to be  
But I will hold on hope  
And I'll let you choke  
On the noose around your neck  
And I'll find strength in pain  
And I will change my ways  
I'll know my name as it's called again  
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I do not think there is a single piece of me that does not ache at this moment.  
I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
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Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Odd but true.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
I daily carry three seperate calculators on a daily basis and will soon be carrying a fourth. All of them save one are so specific that I can't reasonably get rid of one of them. I find this amusing.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Bitter hearts cannot taste sweetness.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that some people in this life are just full of shit.
Posted by beaglebot 9 years ago
Some people will always lie to your face and say things behind your back. It's frustrating to be stuck in a holding pattern.