new video
Posted by GFS 10 years ago
our band just got a new video back from the director guy.  
i lost my beer  
let me know what you think.
videos from the show.
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
the show was so much fun. here are a few videos.  
Sound Check - Gnarls Barkley cover  
Soda/Almost Illegal  
I Lost My Beer/Songs Of The Doomed
rocking and rolling.
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
we're playing a show in a few hours. i'm pretty stoked about it. hopefully we get some good video footage of everything. my cameras mic kinda sucks. i wish it had an audio-in, i guess i should have paid more attention when i bought it. haha. five shows ago, i jumped during a song and tore my ACL, so every time we play, i always have to say...  
hopefully i don't need surgery after this one!  
if anyone wants to laugh at me, leave a comment, and i'll post the video from that show. i can also post the video of how i finished the set in a barstool before spending the night in the ER. but the 2nd one isn't nearly as funny. haha.  
rock out to some tunes and pretend you're at the show.
Midget Fan Club in Everyone Gets Lei'd
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
we had a luau themed party on saturday. here's a 13 minute, probably NSFW, video of what happened.  
everyone gets lei'd
another video
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
behind the scenes of the recording of our new EP.  
clips of all 4 songs are in the video.
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
my band just got out of the studio, we're doing a new EP called 'help wanted.' we're getting this pressed next week after we have the producer tweek a few levels here and there. but i figured i'd post a song up for you guys to check out:  
i lost my beer  
hope you like it!
can you say "a-doh-bee?"
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
my band wants to make a video for a song we're going to record the next month or two, and so i got all the appropriate gear (DV cam) and software (adobe premiere pro) and so to get a feel for the process, we recorded this after practice in my living room last weekend. we just did a few takes of all of us, and then some individual takes. there was only a minute and 30 or so seconds to play with, but it was kinda fun. i had some issues getting the audio and video sync'd up, but they cleared themselves up (which was almost unfortunate, cause i never actually got to learn how to fix it.) so anyway, here's the video:  
take the fall.  
p.s. our myspace got deleted again (3rd time.) finally got an explanation. the 'fan club' of 'midget fan club' was setting off red flags to their robots that delete bootleg music accounts. but we got the myspace music dept to flag us as a 'real band.'  
so, if you want to add us again (please) you can do so by clicking here.
help, please!
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
if i can ask for a favor...  
go over to this site and click "play" on best friends forever by midget fan club and vote it a 5. i'm trying to win some new gear.  
myspace, yourspace, ourspace.
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
i don't really know what the general concensus on myspace is around here at the filter, but when you're in a band these days, a myspace is as important as a website. anyway, myspace deleted my band's profile with no reason or notice. so i'm looking to get some friends back, and maybe pick up some new ones. our profile is here:  
midget fan club.  
you can check out some songs on there if you are just kind of curious about what the band sounds like.  
our website is here:  
if you are a member of the site and if you are logged in and want to be super sweet, you can just go here to add us immediately:  
alternatively, if you want to add me personally, you can go here:  
here's to schillin' for rupert!  
the journal entry is not playable in your country
Posted by GFS 13 years ago
for those that are interested... when link 106000 was posted, indicating that certain google video content was not playable in the united states, i sent a google a message inquiring why. here is the reply (which is also posted in the comments on the link discussion):  
Thank you for your email. We understand you're not able to view certain  
videos because they aren't available in your country.  
Google Video empowers content owners to select the countries where they  
would like their video to be shown. If you're receiving a message saying  
that a video is not available in your country, the content owner has opted  
to disable video playback in your country.  
We appreciate your understanding.  
The Google Video Team
for those who are interested..
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
i've been through 2 (of possibly 3 - but maybe not) interviews with masons. both have said they will give me a favorable report. the vote will be on 2/1. so, it's only about 10 days until i know if i am in or not. i was pretty nervous leading up to the interviews, but i think i have a good chance.  
in other news, my living room offically rules:  
hope everyone had a good weekend.
operation and service manual.
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
when i got speed buggy, i wanted to learn more about the cabinet (and about the game itself) so i search google and located the operation manual for it here. it explained a lot of technical crap i'll never understand.  
i want one for ghostbusters now, also. i've located the operating and service manual on ebay. the cheapest i can get it is for about 9 bucks plus shipping. but something tells me that if it exists online to buy, it's probably pdfyfied out there somewhere. it's annoying me that i can't find it.  
coinop does have the dipswitch settings page, though.  
i may just have to buy it. oh well.
my house is turning into an arcade.
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
for christmas i bought myself this:  
i have been thoroughly enjoying it. all my roommates and i have been racking up high scores and everything. unlike what seinfeld would have you believe, i've left it unplugged for days at a clip and it still remembers that i'm #1.  
well, tonight i got another one. it was for sale in the next town over, and i scored it super cheap for the condition it is in. check it out:  
here's all of the geeky info that KLOV has compiled about it.  
and here it is for speed buggy, too.  
anyone else own arcade games? what ya got?
level 16!
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
hey, i'm incredible!  
here's proof. haha.  
i just went through this completely tedious process to get a video off of google videos on to my PSP.  
i had to be super sneaky just to get the video off of google in the first place.  
then i had to convert it from a flash video to an mpg using a program called Riva. It is really to convert things TO flv, but apparently it inadvertently does its job backward.  
then, i had to learn what directories to create on my memstick so that my PSP would know where to find the video, then i had to use the 3gp converter to make it mp4 and rename it appropriately for the PSP to actually play it.  
it only took me about 30 minutes, but that was way too much learning at 1am! it worked, though.
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
Tonight I submitted my Degrees Fees and Petition to become a Freemason at my local lodge. Are there any other Masons here on the 'filter?
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
Have any of you folks participated in national novel writing month?  
Got any advice for a newbie?
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
Have any of you folks participated in national novel writing month?  
Got any advice for a newbie?
At In-N-Out Burger..
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
At In-N-Out this evening the white van scam was tried on me. I hadn't heard of it before I saw it here on LF, and I was quick to tell them I'd just bought some new speakers.  
I was so excited to finally have it happen to me, I almost yelled right outloud "WHITE VAN SCAM! SWEET!" I had begun to wonder if it was real.
One More Thing
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
there was one thing i can't believe i forgot to mention in my last post:  
my goddaughter! she is the love of my freakin' life! here we are playing together:  
she's just over 5 months old and nearly 20lbs! breastmilk has made her fat and happy. she's the greatest.
The Amazing Level 15.
Posted by GFS 14 years ago
i am seriously only posting this because i can.  
i have been a member of this site for quite some time, with my activity varying from time to time. i have only given 10 votes on this site. i figure if you don't have anything nice to say, then yeah. you know where i'm going with that.  
um, maybe i should sort of introduce myself. i'm a 25 year old guy. i live in southern california. i'm a liberal (a 25 year old californian liberal - shocking, i know.) i'm into punk rock. i have been for, well, most of my life now, i guess. i've been in and out of bands for the last 12 or so years. it's really great. want to hear a song? click here. it's called mister me. i sing and play bass on that track. i also wrote it. let me know what you think. i was born in massachusetts, grew up in ohio, spent a few years in georgia and new mexico, and ended up in california. i love america. i've been all over the place and i think it's all pretty much the greatest.  
i think i've run out of things to say.  
i guess, i just wanted to say hi, and see what posting in a journal was like.  
so hi. journal posting is pretty all right.