thoughts on life...or at least...on this morning...
Posted by jones 14 years ago
having keys made is more expensive than one would think.  
who knew you could need screws in so many different sizes?  
prepping for job interviews takes a ton of time.  
sometimes, you can go home again.  
sleeping on a mattress on the floor can be pretty comfortable.  
loose tea bags are a godsend.  
when someone in brooklyn says 'jumbo'...they're not kidding.  
sometimes chatting with storekeepers can be really interesting.  
playboy is an incredible magazine.  
air conditioning is equally as important as indoor plumbing.  
technology really is only technology for those who came before it.  
unpacking, while fun, can take forever.  
linkfilter is an awful distraction.  
cranberrylush: Welcome back to the neighborhood.
jones: thanks!