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Posted by jones 14 years ago
so...day 3 at the convention...finally have some time to sit down and journal (briefly) about it.  
The energy in Boston is palpable...everyone is so excited...the delagates that I've met are really cool and really really excited. I spent all of yesterday out at the Convention center answering questions and chatting with delagates, protesters, and the media. Basically...that's what I'm doing--chatting with people. Everyone is so excited about this election--the city is buzzing with energy, and I spoke with one guy yesterday who's been a delagate for every election since JFK's...and he said the party hasn't been this tightly knit or this excited since then. I wasn't around then, but I get the sense that's true...people are resonating at an inhuman frequency. I can't explain it better than that--there's just so much excitement, energy, and passion from everyone involved.  
I spent this morning at the DNC Youth Caucus--as many of you know, I'm really interested in what makes young people commit to causes...what makes them passionate...what compels them to make a difference...the Youth Caucus was fascinating for that...the Kerry daughters made an appearance and talked about "dad" and how he feels about young people. They talked about health care for youth and Kerry's national service plan and education and the draft. Statistics were thrown out about this election shaping up to be won or lost on the youth vote--20 million youth voters is a huge number...Rock the Vote was there, and talked about their goal to register 1 million voters under the age of 30 by October 1...they've already reached 400,000. The WWE was there to talk about their nonpartisan voter registration organization "Smackdown Your Vote." Nonpartisan organization, but one of the guys there (don't ask me who, i don't know) said "I'm convinced that, when he was governor of Texas, GW saw Stone Cold Steve Austin and said 'I wanna be that guy.'" Also at the Youth Caucus were James Carville, three WWE wrestlers, and the lead singer of Everclear. I'm adding all those to my list of people I've had contact with, including Al Sharpton, Wesley Clark, the entire delegation of Wisconsin and, most importantly, Bernie Williams (who said "how you doing?" to me).  
It's just great to see so many people energized for a common purpose. Hearing the youth speak the way they do is so exciting...they're so sure they can make a difference...it makes me believe that we all can.
glitch p-udding: sounds like you're very busy. but you left out something important.  
are we gonna win? ;)  
what exactly goes on at these parties? is it all fun and games or are people talking business?
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