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Just made a post about Happy about that...  
You ask why?  
Well, it just steams my buns when large corporations pick on the old, the poor and the uninsured. These are companies that build $600 Million buildings and rack up billions in profits and then, when a retired person needs to buy Canadian drugs so they can afford groceries, these drug industry bullies cut them off at the knees(by refusing to sell their product to Canadian pharmacies). These are real people with real grandchildren who made a real contribution to the world.  
What happened to free trade? What happened to human decency? A person who's rich or insured is not going to go through the hassle of buying Canadian drugs. Realistically, the loss in sales for Pfizer is less than half a percent of the difference in price...if that!  
Do I sound like I should be on a soap box? Well, I wish I could afford a soap box. But I can definitely afford 10 CP to tell the world.  
You tell em, tell the world!!! :)  
PS Don't get me started on the FDA and their BS Ad campaign about the danger of Canadian pharmacies...