I missed chatter. <3
Posted by shigpit 3 years ago
LowFlyingMule> they just issued an arrest warrant for Bill Cosby  
LowFlyingMule> he gonna get his pudding popped  
kingskyprawn> Bill Crosby just making it harder for others rapists to be hypocritical public moral scolds  
kingskyprawn> THINK OF THE RAPISTS, BILL!  
!! clu is around.  
!! LinusMines is around.  
LinusMines> If only Bill had thought of therapists years ago...  
LinusMines> Oh, wait...  
kingskyprawn> : )  
shigpit> He must have demanded to be a gynecologist on the Cosby Show.  
LinusMines> I Was Cosby's Personal Speculum Warmer (full report later)  
shigpit> "Hey, can i run this scene again?"  
shigpit> "Bill, it's been nine times."  
LinusMines> "Can I get fluff....uh, makeup on the set?"  
LinusMines> "And I need a dry sweater from wardrobe!"  
LinusMines> Wonder if his lawyers will use the affluenza defense...  
shigpit> There are plenty of new women to rape if he flees to Mexico too.  
shigpit> Oh god that's the blackest joke I've ever written.  
shigpit> LOL -- No offense to racial connotation of that word either, but that makes it even funnier.  
> * * * LowFlyingMule gives shiggy a coke with a rufie in it  
LinusMines> Schadenfreude LOL!

I'm sitting here, reading this thread, and my wife is wondering why the heck I'm in tears cracking up. Now, that took some explaining. But I love that the filter is back.