money changes everything
Posted by dorian 7 years ago
(besides my political views).  
hard to take it mentally to earn nowadays 500 times my average income of the last years, feel like i've got the financial midas touch - in reality it's been over 20 years of surviving hard times and crashes and reading day by day + learning by trading nearly everything under the sun.  
just very few of my old friends had the same experience before - and are still the great persons i knew for a long time.  
i'm not into the usual status symbols surrounding many nouveau rich ones, try to give financial advice to very close friends, who'd like to live a similar independent life without a senseless work.  
just feeling more secure, it's easier to get up in the morning having a worry free day ahead, but generally i'm not any happier than before the silver rush in april, where i made a (small) fortune with just my trading account.  
the general problems all around our planet are far from solved.