'fine day'
Posted by dorian 8 years ago
for making a small fortune by puts on cameco, ge, eon, rwe, siemens, edf and all other sordid companies involved in the deadly nuclear biz + started buying calls of solarworld.  
Japanese auto companies accounted for about 22% of China sales and its components exports, such as engines and transmissions are widely used in local auto production. Japan also supplies critical components for China’s semi-conductors, displays, generators, railway equipment, chemicals, and precision machine-tools widely used in China’s electronics, machinery, railway, and power sectors industries.  
As consequence of the earthquake, nuclear calamity, and sustained power outages over next few weeks or even months, we should see a profound impact on China’s export to Japan in Q2 and a slow down of exports to the global market due to disruption of integrated supply chains.  
Even China’s domestic production of autos, machinery, electronics, capital goods, and infrastructure construction could be slowed as Japan imports are disrupted and delayed. Overall, it is too early to asses the full impact, but we expect downward pressure on growth in Q2, especially exports and industrial production, due to supply disruption.