Mr. Skineez - creepy corporate mascot
I found this picture of Mr. Skineez on the side of a packing carton. I believe the product was some sort of antiseptic skin wash that is no longer made.  
What the heck is he?  
What is he doing?  
I know now
kingskyprawn: OK, after staring at the picture, I finally figured it out. But I'll let you foks do so as well.  
He could have been posed better, to clarify what he's doing.
He dropped the soap...
FoolProof: ...and he's advertising it.
kingskyprawn: Maybe the artist was trying too hard for the subliminal male gentials effect and just ended up with something weird. To make Mr. Skineez' legs stand out better, they should have put something in the background.
LinusMines: LOL  
I'm still trying to figure it out, though...