Hmmm....seems familiar....
Posted by bozino 8 years ago
This is most of the cover to this month's magazine distributed by a professional organization of which I am a member. I have an official certification with this organization. I spent months studying to pass the credential to earn said certification.  
Anyone notice any resemblances? Um, HELLO! Has anyone at this place ever been on these here intartubez?  
The big "WHO'S NEXT?" is priceless, IMHO.
AB: That's awesome/awful.
Dyskolos: It's awfulsome.
Someone, somewhere...
FoolProof: ...needs to put all of the accidental goatse tributes on the web and put them together in one place.  
I could've sworn I heard someone on NPR say goatse last week on a show about computer security or some such. I think some nerd somewhere used it as a code name for something. I lol'd.
bozino: Yeah, goatse security are the guys behind the iPad/AT&T email hack.