A house.
Posted by FoolProof 9 years ago
I has one.
AB: Huzzah!!
LinusMines: HOUSE PARTAY  
LowFlyingMule: Yee-haww!!! Congrats!
As someone who is on their 4th house, I say ...
kingskyprawn: SUCKER!  
(And congratulations! I hope you found a good location and have great neighbors!)
House warming gift?
Dyskolos: Solid gold rocket car or cufflinks shaped like Mike Ditka?
cornpone: Congrats, I'm coming over after lunch.
LowFlyingMule: ...and there had better be pie.
Dyskolos: /me does recon on the pie cooling on the window sill and prepares for tactical strike
FoolProof: It's a trap.
bozino: welcome to the ranks of the heavily indebted.