reminds me of my first trips to london to get the latest records ( ... past austrian customs)
This book isn't really about drug smuggling, it's about smuggling in other things like cigarettes and designer jeans and watches. These are things that you can profit $30,000 in one trip, but if you get caught the penalties are usually just a slap on the wrist. Not like with drug smuggling, where if you get caught you won't see the light of day for years to come.  
This book is a bit outdated, as information changes from year to year in the smuggling game and new opportunities are popping up every year, but it gives one a general idea of the kinds of opportunities that're out there for someone who's willing to look for them, someone who wants to fly down to Rio and buy a few Rolex watches then smuggle them into the states and make a huge profit selling them for about three times what he paid (example).