“Sitting around with nothing to do is not for me.” ???
a great post by a young female in a forum on early retirement, there's still hope not everybody's into greed and the hard work pseudo ethics stuff ...  
(FI = financial investing)
This assumes that there is “nothing to do” when one is not at work performing their job. Which is a rather dire way of looking at leisure time! If anything, wouldn’t you want to retire earlier on less, since even half of the projected 12-15 million (!!!) should be sufficient to provide a very comfortable lifestyle? It would mean more years to enjoy “doing your own thing.”  
As for me, I am currently 21 and starting out with nothing (zero inheritance, saved wealth, or financial/familial safety net). I plan on aggressively investing the bulk of my income, and retiring in my late 30s on approximately 500,000 in investments to support a very simple, frugal, minimalist lifestyle. I know, sacrilege! But what can I say: I’m an extremist when it comes to my worship of my leisure time. I only have approximately 40-50 more years on earth after that, if I’m lucky, and you know how life is… it’s short. And I’ve made my peace with that. The point is, my FI style is more about aggressively maximizing my Time rather than my Investment Income. There is a distinct point (early on, as you can see) when I want to “cross over.” I want to use that free time to explore ideas and philosophies, learn about human history and different cultures, create art, appreciate other people’s art, go to museums, read the canon of literature’s Great Books (a big one for me, because I love to read), enjoy films, take bike rides, hang out at the beach, spend an idle evening cooking and entertaining guests, volunteer for causes I believe in, etc. etc. Goodness, talk about nothing to do, there’s too much to do! What pains me is that there isn’t more time to do it all, and that I don’t have FI now.  
Sitting around spending the majority of my life working, accumulating more money than I really need, that’s not for me.