Another random cartoon
Posted by reapre 9 years ago
Bucookie Monster  
[Yeah, yeah. I know. Not everybody has the same sense of humour as me. Why don't we save ourselves and our fellow linkfilterers some time.  
You can waste an infinity of hours posting negative comments on all the shit on the internet that you don't find funny. (And/or on jokes you don't get.)  
And as for me, explaining a joke is generally most likely to result in failure. See, when a person explains a joke, they basically formulate an argument that "this is funny". And the listener, if he is human, necessarily has some amount of ego. Now, that listener can either decide to (1)concede that he was wrong and lost the argument, which makes it difficult to find much humour afterward, or the listener can (2)vainly defend his ego and continue arguing a subjective point which, by virtue of being opinion-based, cannot be disproven.  
I don't post mean shit about your stupid pointless journal entries containing random totally out-of-context statements or consisting entirely of unreferenced music lyrics and/or shitty poetry. (Well, until now, that is.)  
So anyway, sorry to bitch and moan in preemptive defense of my posts. Hope you enjoy my linkfilter journal. I just want to be silly and entertain.]
Now this, I get!
Dyskolos: ROFLMAO
I lol'd
reapre: Thx guys. I've been sitting on a few decent ideas.  
That last one was kind of off-the-cuff. Heh.
AB: LF: come for the dick cookie jokes
AB: oh, and I 2nd that ROFL.
LinusMines: Belated read, followed by LOL.
bozino: ditto