Dear LF,
Posted by XIV 9 years ago
Since I've joined (or lurked around) your mighty crew, i have been party to many a few shifts in the general structure, content, and community of the site. From my limited hindsight into its past, as well as a more cohesive view of its present and future, I can safely say linkfilter is quite possibly one of the most perfect sites on the net. The right mixture of links, the varied levels of comments (from the hilarity and succinctness of LFM, AB, fuzzydave, crat and foop to the gods honest brilliant comments from the likes of dyskolos, J2K, and too many others to mention), and the blips of communion in the chatter that i'm able to catch from time to time, makes for a site that I've always visited in my bookmarks for 5 years running. Thanks for being a microcosm of the awesomeness of the internet, boiled down to about 50-75 people. All of you fsckin rock.
you rock
Too bad
FoolProof: It runs so far under capacity these days.
LowFlyingMule: Well said. Include yourself in that select group XIV, you are one of us. We are diminished, but we remain.
AB: Agreed. You've added a great deal to LF's awesomeness over the years.  
I could go on and on about what I like about linkfilter, but I wouldn't want to repeat all of what XIV said.  
I'll just say that the community here has been a major contributor to who I am today. I want to think that other LF regulars have been tainted touched inappropriately seriously affected by LF. In a good way. :)
cornpone: :)
No, sir, YOU rock...
LinusMines: ...figuratively and literally!
bozino: well said, good sir. this place has affected my online demeanor in a very good way. but has set my expectations too high for most of the rest of the web...  
Glad I had the time tonight to come check back in.
FoolProof: Werd.
pneum0nic: ayup