The Book of ORA
Posted by reapre 9 years ago
The Book of Ora
It's the effing Koran, stupids.
reapre: Okay, apparently nobody gets the joke.  
In order to get this gag, you must first know that the movie The Book Of ELI is about a scuffed copy of the Bible.  
Secondly, you must also know that the conventional English spelling of the high holy Islamic text is "Koran".  
Lastly, in order to think it's a funny gag, you apparently have to be me.
Dyskolos: Oooooooooooooooooooo.  
I still don't get it.
reapre: Sigh.  
A few letters are scuffed off of the BIBLE, making it appear to say __ELI.  
The other dude in my splendiferous gag has a copy of the KORAN (_ORA_). Hence the awkward moment of gut-bustingly knee-slapping hilarity.  
After poking around on the internet, it looks like the author's clever ruse may not have made it past the screenplay or editing stage. Apparently the studio scrapped any intention of keeping the book's identity a secret. Later trailers actually show Genesis and/or have Denzel dictating bible verses. They're relying on another plot twist to carry the movie instead of an ELI/BIBLE title reveal.
The movie looked lame and while I understand the comic I still don't find it funny.
reapre: You forgot to follow rule #3.  
You have to be me.
reapre: This thread reminds me of The Rejection Collection.