I just gave some lady in a Walmart parking lot $5.
Posted by FoolProof 9 years ago
She had a sob story about losing her purse somehow or whatever being out of gas and on her way to Eau Claire and was standing there with her doofy looking teenage son (I presume). I thought what the hell. It's just that, I *hate* the idea of giving money to drunks or crackheads. I've lived in NYC and I'm usually really cold to those people because 99.9% of them are fzcking liars but... I dunno. She was older and in the suburbs and seemed sober...  
Anyway, lady, please don't be a crackhead. Get home safe.
Darwish: I don't think they have crackheads in Eau Claire.
badbunny: Thems cheese heads.
FoolProof: Hell yes they do.