Good and Bad
Posted by bozino 9 years ago
If you didn't know, I was laid off last January. I wasn't bitter. Oh wait...Yes, I WAS. Because I'd worked for that company or it's predecessor, for over TWENTY FSCKING YEARS. Nearly my entire working career.  
Good news is....I started a new job last week. And am VERY happy to be there. This job will be challenging. Hopefully enjoyable. And the people are good. The pay cut....well, I'll get over it, eventually...  
So, that's the good. On the sucky side of mother passed away last week. It was very sudden. She had seemed totally fine over T'giving. She was suffering health issues including lung cancer, but she had been off chemo for quite some time, and seemed to be living a "normal" life. We were making plans and looking forward to her traditional visit at Christmas.  
Fortunately, my new boss was very understanding, considering it was my first week on a new job. The wife and I went to the first memorial service last Friday for people who Mom's known for the past three years. (My parents had moved after 50+ years in or around the town I grew up in. We were all crushed when my dad passed two years ago.)  
The service last week was unbelievably hard. We'll be heading to another service this weekend with the kids. I expect this will be even harder, as it will involve relatives and friends my brothers and I have known our whole lives.  
So, some learnings:  
1) If this economy has taken it's toll, keep hope. There are opportunities  
2) Love your family. You never know when they'll be gone. I spoke to her on the weekend, and on Tuesday, she was gone.  
3) Profit?  
I'm not sure how much I'll be able to keep up with teh filter going forward as we are now a two-working parent family with 3 boys moving in different directions. I'll check in when I can, and trust y'all will keep up with the dick jokes in the chatter without my supervision.  
Congrats on the job
LowFlyingMule: and condolences for the loss of your Mother...hang in there.
Very sorry to hear that, boz
FoolProof: :(  
G'luck in your new job, though.
LinusMines: Good and bad, hang in there.  
When you're ready for LF, LF will be ready for you.
When it rains, it pours...
pneum0nic: Wow, it sure sounds like this year has been a roller coaster for you and your family. Hopefully 2010 will be 2010 times better!
pneum0nic: You've had the good and the bad. Now for the ugly:  
cornpone: Sorry about your mom Boz.  
You'll be missed around here.