In case you missed it on FB
Posted by cornpone 9 years ago
I was offered my first art show about an hour ago. :D  
It will be at Seven Stages Theater in Little Five Points. I get to pick the month next year, I'm thinking April.  
FoolProof: Awesome!
LowFlyingMule: dude that is great! Congratulations!!!
pneum0nic: Well it's about time!  
Seriously, that's awesome!
Awesome, pone!
LinusMines: Congratulations!
bozino: well deserved. congrats!
fabulon7: I miss everything on facebook.  
That's awesome. I would like to see it. Maybe when your show tours the north.
lorddimwit: Hotlanta road trip!!
cornpone: That would be awesome.  
Thanks everybody.
ultrafastx: fscking awesome! Congrats pone!
kingskyprawn: Big congrats!