Secret Beaver
Posted by SpearmintFur 9 years ago
Are we still doing Secret Beaver this year? I love doing it as it's something I like about the holidays.
Not I
crataegus: Not taking part this year due to financialitis.
AB: I'm in, if we do it again this year.
LowFlyingMule: If enough peeps participate, then I'm in.
LinusMines: What he said.
cornpone: I'll play. I ain't buying shit though.
pneum0nic: I'm in.
SpearmintFur: We could send each other cards this year instead :3.
bozino: dood! stamps cost, like 41 cents or something! I ain't got that scratch!  
Here, have a free pipe symbol: |  
merry whatever, bizotches
Hugh2d2: It's not a pipe symbol... it's a very tiny Festivus Pole!
FoolProof: Whatever it is, it's from the heart.