[running] My Dirty Dozen, or Big Head Ted and the Marathoners
Posted by LinusMines 9 years ago
Once again, October is my month for self-punishment, as I stretch my Marine Corps Marathon streak to 12 on Sunday the 25th.  
My 2008 race didn't result in a mega-journal, but that's not to say it was a snore-fest. Besides some welcome adjustments to the course -- less Rock Creek Park, more bacon-scented Georgetown neighborhoods, straighter path to the brutal Mile 20 -- a huge highlight (literally) was sighting Nats mascot Teddy Roosevelt throughout the course. Thank goodness I wasn't running too close to him...all the Febreze in the world wouldn't have...  
Sorry...I digress.  
I'll again be running for Diabetes Action, as it supports research into diabetes treatment and prevention, and provides education and outreach programs. Your assistance toward my fundraising goal of $1000, it goes without saying, will be more than welcome.  
To make a tax-deductible donation, visit my personal web site.  
To learn more about the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation, visit their main site.  
Finally, 01:28 of YouTube/Splicd bigness.