Too Old To Know What A Hipster Is
Posted by kingskyprawn 9 years ago
OK - I'm going to admit it.  
What IS a hipster, anyway?  
Please comment with the following information to help an old guy out:  
1) Is there a style code for hipsters? That is, can I tell by looking?  
2) Is it an equal-gender thing, or are there more of one gender over the other?  
3) Is there a difference between a hipster and a wanna-be hipster?  
4) Would anyone admit to being a hipster, or is it a purely derogatory term?  
5) Is there overlap with other groups?  
6) Is there a hipster subculture?  
Dyskolos: ...and you shall receive.  
Study well. There will be a test. Hint: Don't wash your hair, develop a taste for PBR, substitute Adderall for food, wear jeans too tight to properly fit a healthy 12 year old boy...then, sit next to me on the J and prepare to have everything you think you stand for mocked mercilessly twig boy.  
Darwish: He couldn't fit the fixie into the bathtub.
FoolProof: There's room on the other side of the suitcase if you put the kickstand up.
Dyskolos: Kickstand?!  
Where's my messenger bag? I'm outta here!