Subtle Sexy Sunday
Posted by FuzzyDave 9 years ago
Let's get a list going of subtle things that women wear (or do) that really gets the hormones carbonated. So, no "Put on a skimpy Nazi outfit and stick a train whistle into my pooper" comments.  
I'll get the balling rolling with:  
Chokers. Seriously. Nothing ups a woman's sexy quotient like a little black velvet ribbon around the neck.  
Thigh-High Stripey Socks  
What else you got?
FoolProof: Was that what I think it was?  
Oh, it IS.  
(Yep. That's a definitely a garter)
FoolProof: Glasses
Seamed stockings...rawrrrr.
Hugh2d2: Thirded on the glasses. And ponytails. And long button up shirts and panties.
pneum0nic: ...with ruffles
aktaeon: Touching her neck  
The Demure Smile  
Gracefully slipping out of The Black Dress  
Wet hair after a shower  
Wet hair after a workout  
Barefoot in a Sunday dress  
Hugging a pillow  
Biting a finger  
Straw hat with a flower print band or a bow
For me
SpearmintFur: Horn rimmed glasses  
Nurse dresses  
Stripped socks  
Not all at once, mind you.
FoolProof: Nurse outfits are overrated. I hate the medical profession. Large needles are not sexy.
SpearmintFur: My first girlfriend sewed her own nurse outfit and it was very hot.  
Also, to clarify, I mean those sexy white dresses, not the current multicolored, gender neutral scrubs.
FoolProof: If you can look good in scrubs you can make anything look good. Same goes for uniforms of various types.