Do you still want a Smart Car?
Posted by Mac 9 years ago
Jefferson Parish, La. (near New Orleans )
AB: [insert joke about compact cars]
PAgent: I'm reasonably sure that, given the mass and kinetic energies involved, my Toyota Corolla would end up looking much the same, as would MOST compact cars.
FoolProof: Given the masses of the two trucks, so would most full size cars, I'm guessing. Fzck crumple zones!
It wasn't a Smart car...
FoolProof: So it's not even a small car, it's a light SUV. I feel safer already. (!!!)
lorddimwit: Getcher fancy "facts" outta here! We don't care much for your type on LF!!!
clu: So the moral of the story is... Yes, I still want one.
pdxpogo: Nice to see the more things change the more they stay the same. Hang in there Mac don't let the facts confuse you. ;-)