Posted by XIV 9 years ago
Everyone needs to see this, now. You can not only find it on DVD, but on Netflix watch instantly as well as every other video on demand service. It's really, really, really fucking good.
cornpone: I put this in the Roku queue while I was house sitting last week. Didn't get around to watching it.
AB: I remember wanting to see this. Danke for the reminder.
I'm going to avoid it because XIV says it's good.
FoolProof: ...until he lends me a copy, that is. ;)
XIV: I cannot lend you something that is incorporeal to me as a physical product! Torrent it if you must.
Ty for this
pdxpogo: Missed it...
Saw it.
Mac: It was full of meh
FoolProof: How full?
Mac: To the brim