I'll Just Leave This Here
Posted by FuzzyDave 9 years ago
LowFlyingMule: godDAMN!  
FuzzyDave: right now, i am looking at that pic and eating pannycakes. If you guys don't hear from me ever again, it's because i FuzzySploded.
bozino: wow. nice mmmmmmmmmmmaguffies
Just curious...
vinfille: ...does the fact that those things are sagging to her waist detract at all?  
/me is trying to understand the male psyche...
FuzzyDave: Not really, no.
ultrafastx: To offer a differing point of view: Yes. Very much, yes.  
Then again, I've never been the obsessed-with-the-boobs type.
FoolProof: Oh, c'mon. They're above the navel. lol
vinfille: Well, we know for sure the situation won't improve over time. In, say, 10 years, the existence of a navel will be questionable.