Acetaminophen will kill you! FDA to the rescue!
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 10 years ago
From Robert Guest's blog,  
We are all children of the wise omnipotent federal government. Lest we forget how important they are, a fresh crisis will be invited to remind us.Today, it's Tylenol. The media is falling over themselves to report on how dangerous acetaminophen is. I've taken a few hundred doses of aceta in my life, I'm still here, liver and all.  
There are roughly 300,000,000 Americans. Last year, about 500 died from taking too much Tylenol. What does that tell you? That we need new laws and restrictions on Tylenol use? Or that 299,999,500 Americans understand how to use pain relievers safely and deserve the simple freedom of buying Tylenol without a prescription, and/or mixed with Nyquil?  
Let's magnify the idiocy- last year acetaminophen killed 500, pot killed zero. Both provide pain relief. Moving on.
Darwish: Abraham Lincoln smoked weed.