Someone bitchslap my friend
Posted by shigpit 10 years ago
My friend A, who got me my last job, you know, the one that let me go the end of May because they didn't have enough work for me, starts IMming me.  
He: "Hey! How's the job search?"  
Me: "Eh, nothing much here"  
He: "I'm working on getting new business here, but I think I want to leave this company."  
Me: "Oh really?"  
He: (goes on about contracts and his own interviews and things looking promising)  
Me: "Yeah, before I started with [that company] I had a consulting gig that paid more but I was looking for stability. Oh well."  
He: [silence]  
No, I'm not angry at him, I'm angry at the company. And I can't say I want hi to go fuck himself, because he's a good guy. Just leave me the hell alone until I find something, okay A?
shigpit: 3:39:30 PM He: "Hey Shiggy, any new information on the job search?"  
3:39:40 PM Me: "Not since 24 hours ago when we last talked."  
3:39:47 PM He: "THAT'S BAD!!!"  
3:40:14 PM Me: "Um..."
pneum0nic: I would ROFL if that wasn't so horrible! Gallows humor?
shigpit: No, he's an asshole.
aktaeon: He's an asshole. THAT'S BAD!!!
FoolProof: Sure ain't good. Umm hmm.
And today.
shigpit: "Hey [Shiggy], any luck with the job search?"  
I didn't respond.  
crataegus: Tell him you've got a job teabagging Meg Stapleton.