To make my feelings concise:
Posted by XIV 9 years ago
Quoted from my friend:  
The trouble is when you try to judge him, good or bad, there's very few people who's life compares to the one that he lead, there's no modern precedent. I don't think anyone can really understand him. I've always thought he deserved the benefit of the doubt, because of how weird life must have been for him. What a strange perspective he must have had. As a musician the guy has very few equals, and as a human being - he was one of a kind.  
The people who take joy in slandering him, or mocking him, or present second hand information as fact are just ugly individuals who need to find a better use of their time. Listen to what his music was about and try and find fault with his message. He wrote powerful, influential music with a positive message in hopes the world would become a better place for all.
I agree!
Novelhead: You were talking about the Hassler, right?