It's Time to Cleveland Steamer, LF-Style
Posted by FuzzyDave 10 years ago
crataegus> If an Ohio city is mentioned with a common noun, there's fecal matter involved.  
FuzzyDave> Toledo Cash Register; Sandusky Water Slide; Canton Feedbag  
FuzzyDave> they just write themselves  
Add your own in comments. You sick bastards.
crataegus: Marietta Meal Plan
Here's 4 to think on...
pneum0nic: Ashtabula Meatfork  
St. Bernard Slammer  
East Cleveland Honeypot  
Eaton Muffin  
FuzzyDave: Solonoscopy ftw
a stretch
blackvelvetjesus: Dayton Miners
LinusMines: Steubenville Stogie
fabulon7: The Cincinatti Chili Dog
cornpone: Auglaize Glaze
ultrafastx: Beavercreek Barnstormer  
Stow Slider  
Upper Sandusky (that's just a city)
FoolProof: Mentor Meatball  
Akron Necktie  
Toledo Burrito  
Darwish: Cincinatti Cornpone  
Fort Wayne Foop  
FuzzyDave: The Cedar Point Shigpit
shigpit: That's a roller coaster.
SpearmintFur: Based on experience, I don't think Cedar Fair, LLc. will appreciate you infringing on their trademark.  
You know, I once worked by some Sandusky Water Slides. That's gonna cost you $29.95 ($15.95 after 5 p.m.).
FoolProof: Balls.
shigpit: Reynoldsburg Rallycap  
Cuyahoga -- doesn't need a noun.