Fscker and Fsckee at the same time.
Posted by shigpit 9 years ago
I get a letter holding my reimbursement check from my last job.  
In there are two checks and a note, paraphrased into 3 points:  
1) Reimbursement check  
2) Final paycheck minus all the medical premiums we never took out of your checks dating back to February.  
3) Wishing you success in all your future endeavors.  
Letter was signed by the head dude that I didn't report to.  
Wait, what? They never took out med premiums?Hell, they never told me what they would BE! Oh, fuck them in their fucking asses. I start typing an email to raise hell by emailing everyone in the company how fucking incompetent they...  
I reread the letter. I missed a point.  
"... and 40 hours additional vacation pay as per your agreement with (head dude that was my boss guy)" Wait a second, did we have that agreement? I didn't know about that agreement.  
And then I counted backwards. I just got what I thought was my final check direct deposited in my bank account. I called Shigette. She agreed.  
I doublechecked everything that I think I was due. Yes, the 40 hours additional vacation pay was docked for my premiums. But I didn't think I was getting that at all. Thinking about it now, I probably should still raise that hell but on a slightly more cordial level. For a minute, I feel like they screwed up in my favor. I'll let you all know.