I'm not getting involved
Posted by shigpit 10 years ago
Just got a call from a company that wants to set up an interview. Yadda yadda, I don't remember the position but it sounds great, and I get a time and all that.  
Hang up, and I remember that I was originally presented by a recruiter. And that there was no response from the company because I didn't have certain buzzwords on my resume. It was also going to be a 30-40% paycut, and my discussion with the recruiter began and ended with "I know what I want to get paid, and I'm not going to overcompromise if they're looking for my experience level."  
So, although I realize this won't end well, I'm not telling this recruiter about my interview. If this job turns out to be a wonderful thing, I'll gladly take it. And I'll let this company and that recruiter fight it out.