The "Who Would Win?" Male Instinct
So - as a whim, after reading the comments of this Metafilter post, I search for "Darkseid Dr. Doom", and was gratified to see a whole bunch of "Darkseid vs Dr. Doom - who would win?" results, as I suspected there would be.  
I've seen so many topics of discussion like this (Addams Family versus Munsters, Thing vs Hulk, etc ), and an entire web site was devoted to fantasy matchups (Grudge Match), not to mention sports (George Foreman vs Mike Tyson, Team X from 19** vs Team Z from 20**).  
I like to imagine that this comes from a basic instinct to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of possible foes and allies, prior to any actual conflict where that must be put to the test.  
"Tribe Over-The-Hill-And-Through-The-Woods have more men than us, but they're still using those crappy stonepoint spears while we're using the advanced metal technology"  
"So what? Stone or metal, they'll still be ticking your backbone if you get in the way of one!"  
I wonder if my title is inaccurate, in the sense that, maybe women get into "who would win/who's better" conversations too - I just don't have a memory of any when in the presence of gals talking. Anyone got any online examples to educate me?
Still an Important Rule
AB: At the risk of Minnesotan mutilation...  
Anyone got any online examples to educate me?  
There are no girls on the internet. Silly prawn.
Also ...
kingskyprawn: So, who WOULD win : Darkseid vs. Dr. Doom ?