Posted by FuzzyDave 10 years ago
I have invented a new term.  
It is used to describe a situation where you are faced with a choice to do something enjoyable or to do something that is necessary -- knowing full well that doing so will create a mood that will prevent you from going back and doing the fun thing.  
It's based on that feeling we men have had at some time or another: You really want to have a good wank, but you also need to make some poos. Oh sure, you could rub one out, but you know there's a good chance that upon ejaculation you may shit yourself. You also know that if you choose not to wank and instead go to the toilet, when you're finished, you will have lost the desire to wank.  
bozino: I hereby approve of this.
Schauspieler: We've all been in this situation, Only FuzzyDave has the guts to talk about it.