fire ants must go
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 9 years ago
In Texas, the fire ant is at the top of the food chain. Years of exposure to pesticides and various petroleum distillates have rendered them immune to all but the most concentrated applications. The invasion in my yard is pretty bad this year, but I have a new idea for destroying mounds. Powdered sodium.  
Now I'll admit to being inspired by people like the bee guy. My idea is really foolish, maybe a little dangerous, but it sounds awfully fun.  
My plan is to get a hold of a pound or so of very finely powdered metallic sodium. Don't bother me with details, let me enjoy my little fantasy. Anyway, I'll gouge a nice deep hole in an ant mound with a piece of rebar, pour the sodium in, and stir it up a bit. Then I will haul ass to the garden hose which I have kept at least 25 feet away, and try to arc a stream of water onto the mound. It should EXPLODE in an awesome gout of flame and sodium hydroxide.  
I'll be sure to post an update if I ever get drunk enough to try this.
Darwish: Just call in an airstrike.
Darwish: Nap the bastards.
Darwish: Also, I just clicked on that link, and that guy is the biggest douchebag deluxe on the planet. What a fscking as$hole.
FoolProof: Wouldn't the bees have just left the swingset location after a few hours? It's not enough shelter for a colony.
Darwish: Yes, they would have been gone in just a few hours, or less.
aktaeon: Bees are cool. This guys sucks, etc.  
What about centipedes? Can we burn centipedes.  
I hate them.
crataegus: I'm cool with burning centipedes and millipedes.
FuzzyDave: Can we agree then that all pedes must be killed with lava and demon cock?
FoolProof: Now, those things eat other bugs so if you let them be, overall you'd have less bugs in your house.  
...but they're so fzcking creepy they must die on sight.
Darwish: Kittenpede must die!