I'm in a fucking bad mood
Posted by FuzzyDave 10 years ago
I should be in a good mood, but I'm not.  
This afternoon i went on ebay to see if I'd won an auction for an 1849 groat. I did. Yay.  
So, I go to pay for it via PayPal and the site won't let me. I'm told that my credit card isn't "verified." I call customer service and after about 10 minutes of menu-tree hell I get some stereotypical dink in India on the line to help me.  
He tells me my card is unverified and that I needed to input a 4-digit PIN to verify the card. Where was this PIN? On my credit card statement from about 6 months back.  
"But if you charged $1.95 on my credit card, then isn't that verification that it's a legitimate card?"  
Him: "no. You need to input the 4-digit PIN from your statement to verify the card."  
"You have a record of receiving payment from me right?"  
"So, verify my card."  
"We can't verify your card unless you input the 4-digit PIN from your statement."  
"Fine. Give me the number and I'll type it in."  
Him: "I can't give you the number."  
"Why not?"  
"I don't have the number."  
"You must have the number. Otherwise, how will you know if I've entered the correct PIN?"  
"I don't have the number. You need to input the 4-digit PIN from your credit card statement to verify the card."  
After about 15 minutes of me trying to get this guy to at least acknowledge how ridiculous a system this is -- especially since they've already taken my money and despite having a record of taking my money they still have no way to activate my account -- I tell Patel to go fuck himself.  
I then call my credit card company. Same phone-tree hell, eventually get a customer service rep to look up my old statement so I can get that fucking 4-digit number.  
He finds it, I enter it into the PayPal account.  
I thank the credit card guy, who then "for my convenience" tries to enroll me in some bullshit Identity Theft Protection Program. I say no thanks. He then says, "Well, let me get the enrollment process started and if you aren't satisfied, you can cancel at any time." No thanks, I say. You've already been helpful. "Not a problem, Mr. Smith," he replies, "So now all we need to do is finish this enrollment process...."  
I hang up.  
If I dealt with my clients this way, I wouldn't have a job -- or clients. Why can everybody else get away with this horseshit? Customer Service should be this:  
"Hi. I have an issue that needs to be Resolved."  
"Issue Resolved."  
"Thank you."  
"Have A Nice Day."  
Please Sir,
LowFlyingMule: Do not shout.
crataegus: Do they mean your CVV2 number on the back of your card?
FuzzyDave: nope. the 4-digit number was a randomly generated PIN created by PayPal.  
That's what was ticking me off. THEY created the number. It should've been on file somewhere or how else would they know I was giving them the correct PIN?  
Though it would've made for a funnier story if it was just that stupid number on the back of my credit card and I got all bent out of shape for nothing.
FoolProof: It probably says something about this in the documents they sent you that you didn't read. ;)
FuzzyDave: o sure. blame the victim.  
typical Man.
I must not be awake yet...
Novelhead: First time I read that, I was sure it said "1984 goat."  
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a quadruped eating a tin can... forever.
pneum0nic: I thought it was 1984 groat...
pneum0nic: um 1849 grout.
aktaeon: If you've had the gout since 1498, I mean, uh. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  
But, you know.  
You're fscking dead, man.  
Deader than Elvis.
FoolProof: I don't ever know what anyone is talking about.
pneum0nic: you must not be awake yet...
Darwish: I will kill you!
FoolProof: I won't!
FoolProof: ...probably.
FoolProof: Love it.
Darwish: Meeeeeeeep!