I love you guys.
Posted by shigpit 9 years ago
FuzzyDave> my belt: Lance Kerwin's left leg skin  
FuzzyDave> yeah. i made a James at 15 reference. Suck it, Dennis Miller!  
FuzzyDave> sometimes i just riff with myself  
FuzzyDave> thank god for this tube sock  
Novelhead> Hahah... Oh, is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?  
* * * XIV mind asplodes  
FuzzyDave> yes. yes they are. "Sorry, Gloria. I can't talk on the phone anymore tonight. I Riffed With FuzzyDave so much, I'm totally sleepy"  
XIV> i know what you're all saying, but i cannot for the life of me grok it  
Novelhead> Around here, we call it "punching the Pope". As in, "My date went so badly, I went home alone and punched the Pope."  
XIV> I prefer Flogging the Molly  
Novelhead> twisting the sister  
Novelhead> wetting the toad spocket  
XIV> strapping the lad  
FuzzyDave> well from now on, be like the Cool Kids and use the proper euphemism: Riffing With FuzzyDave  
Novelhead> K, will do :)  
shigpit> Well, I riffed with FuzzyDave three times last night.  
shigpit> And then the power went out.  
Novelhead> That's why you get a Fuzzy Dave with batteries....  
FuzzyDave> shiggy loves to riff with fuzzydave whilst sitting on the washing machine during the spin cycle  
shigpit> hehehe  
Novelhead> Really? I like to riff with fuzzydave in the hot tub, with the jets squirting water in uncomfortable places  
FuzzyDave> i need a girdle, toupee, 5 million dollars and a private jet. Leo and Bar Refaeli have split. i gotta take my shot.  
shigpit> they're plenty comfortable if you do it right  
Novelhead> Oh, and eating a waffle... If you've never eaten a waffle in the hot tub, then baby, you just haven't lived!  
shigpit> Ooh, I could use a couple of hours in a hot tub.  
Hugh2d2> NOVEL!?!?! WTH? Where you been!?!?!?  
* * * XIV boards up chatter, hangs sign that says "QUARANTINES - PREVERTS"  
FuzzyDave> waffletubbing is the flahmob  
FuzzyDave> gah! let's try that again: waffletubbing is the new flashmob  
shigpit> XIV, you boarded that from the INSIDE, right?  
Novelhead> Hi, Hugh! The time machine worked! Can you believe it?  
XIV> ......noooooooOO  
Novelhead> I traveled four years into the future and avoided Bush's second term  
Novelhead> "Waffletubbing", I like it. How can we get it in the next Olympics?  
shigpit> You might need to make it more of a ring-toss, NH.  
FuzzyDave> i would so win a silver in that event  
shigpit> Mixed Waffletubbing: "And Inga lines up to toss the waffle. But Sven goes soft! Oh, the number one seed has lost!"  
shigpit> There are six double entendres in the above sentence.  
Novelhead> Lol!  
FuzzyDave> heh. you said "toss" and "seed"  
XIV> does that equal 12 dirty jokes?  
Darwish> six and a half if you're a furry  
XIV> or 3 triple wit sandwiches of snark?  
XIV> hold the aphorisms  
* * * FuzzyDave , who is hard of hearing, mistakenly clutches an amphora  
* * * shigpit throws FuzzyDave an ampule.  
XIV> *yoink*  
* * * FuzzyDave drups the amphora to catch the ampule
I lol'd.
FoolProof: literallike.
aktaeon: You never take anything seriously.  
One of these kids is going to take all this loose talk to heart, spend the afternoon riffing with FuzzyDave, forget the tube sock, and take a Hobson Street Blues in the face at 250 knots.  
And, where will your shrimp-hating God be then?
FoolProof: Atop a tall building swatting at planes.