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Posted by FuzzyDave 10 years ago
Some of us were having fun with this link today, and it got me thinking.  
Howzabout we come up with Collective Names for each of us?  
I'll get us started:  
A schadenfreude of crataegus.  
(This is apropos on 2 levels, me thinks)  
Add to the list if the mood grabs ya.
my choice
Henry: a pond of Henry!
a la penguins
crataegus: A huddle of Schauspielers
Me agarré con las manos en la masa.
Dyskolos: A burrito of Foops.
FoolProof: I'd rather have a foop of burritos.
Dyskolos: That does have a nice ring to it.
FoolProof: What's that title supposed to mean, bub?  
I shit in the milk of your mother!!
Dyskolos: HA!  
No. That literally means "I got my hands in the tortilla flour".  
It's Spanish for gettin' your hand caught in the cookie jar.
cornpone: A dazzle of Dyskos.
This doesn't make sense, but I like the sound of it.
crataegus: An Orkney of Fuzzydaves
FuzzyDave: From wikipedia's article on the orkney islands:  
"The name of the islands is first recorded by the ancient geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus (born AD 90, died AD 168), who called them Orcades. The old Gaelic name for the islands was Insi Orc which means the "Island of the Orcs" ("Arcaibh" in modern Scottish Gaelic). An orc is a young pig or boar. When the Norwegian Vikings arrived on the islands they interpreted the word orc to be orkn which is Old Norse for pinnipeds or common seal. The suffix ey means island. Thus the name became Orkneyjar which was shortened to Orkney in English."
shigpit: An ornery of beaglalia
LinusMines: A jetpack of LowFlyingMules...
LinusMines: ...and a loatboad of shigpit...
shigpit: I love you, LinusMines.
cornpone: A cluster of clu.
Dyskolos: A mess of cornpone.  
You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his 'pinions is.  
Mark Twain
Dyskolos: CORRECTION: A hotmess of cornpone.
bozino: how about a hottrannymess of cornpone?
LinusMines: LOL
FoolProof: lolso
shigpit: An excavation of LinusMines.  
Dyskolos: I heard a field of LinusMines.
vinfille: A whirling of Darwishes.
crataegus: A magnum of Vinfilles?
cornpone: A Prickle of Dimwits.
aktaeon: A bushel of cornpones?  
An acre of cornpones?
aktaeon: A tent-full of bozinos.  
A kingskyschool.  
aktaeon: A digest of darwish.  
A shire of smiths.  
A mess of Macs.  
A tub of glitch p-udding.  
A bag of lola-ice.  
An array of soulorcells.  
An epidemic of pneum0nic.  
A bag of hammers of truth.  
Henry: a comment of GROINFLOWERS!!!!!!