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For those of you without twitter, here are mine. I'm proud of them, mmmkay?  
"The Silence of the Limbs" - Jodie Foster as a woman searching for a cure for her Tourette's Syndrome  
"The Jungle Bork" - Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork swings from vines and sings about "The Bare Necessities"  
"Johnny Pneumonic" - Keanu Reeves is a cyborg power drill  
"The Hole Nine Yards" - Bruce Willis stars as an owner of a Mini Golf course on the run from the mob  
"The Staid" - Stephen King's epic novel about a plague of dignified manners hitting the world.  
"Saturday Fight Fever" Elton John provides the soundtrack, and Brad Pitt and Ed Norton star in this musical Fight Club.  
"Saturday Night Fiver" Tony Manero will dance for tips.  
"Footlouse" - Small town boy dances to get the bedbugs off his extremities.  
"Full Meta Jacket" - Soldiers sit around watching Kubrick movies.  
"Dances With Vowels" - Kevin Costner plays a teacher who heads West to educate the natives.  
"Snacks On A Plane" - Food service brings too many peanuts for flight, Samuel L. Jackson has REALLY BAD allergies.  
"Snape's On A Plane" - Alan Rickman heads to a Harry Potter movie shoot, gets into a fight with Samuel L. Jackson.  
"Shakes On A Plane" - Banana smoothies at 30,000 feet, Samuel L. Jackson has had enough of the MF'n shakes.  
"Stakes On A Plane" - High Dollar Poker takes to the sky to the detriment of other passengers. Samuel L. Jackson curses.  
"Snakes On A Plain" - Torrential rains in Spain cause serpent outbreak. Samuel L. Jackson spouts profanity.  
"American Idle" - Unemployed people audition for a job at a record company  
"Goon With The Wind" - Hockey comes to Atlanta  
"The DaVinci Cad" - Bachelor has a series of one-night stands while traveling through Italy  
"Caddyshock" - Horror/Comedy on a golf course where a squirrel chews through electrical wires, wreaking havoc on the golfers.  
"M*A*S*K" - young boy with rare deformity-causing disease fights in Korea.  
Goon with the Wind. Hockey in Atlanta
Been there, done that, eh.
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