Dear Firefox
Posted by bozino 10 years ago
I don't want to be too harsh, but, I feel it is time to tell you that you are a bloated piece of crap.  
Why does a freaking browser need over 500 Megs of memory to run? You are a web browser, not a CAD program.  
Needing that amount of memory of course leads to the need for page faults. Hey, all programs do it. It's not just you. But over 300 million of them? In two days? That's just wrong.  
Honey, you need to lose some weight.
Mac: werd
FoolProof: therd  
And QUIT ASKING ME if it's okay to update my extensions! I've said yes a million times. Just do it invisibly and launch already!
LinusMines: Or go to Tools / Options / Advanced / Updates and uncheck the auto-update boxes.
FoolProof: I want the updates. I just wish it'd do it silently.
LinusMines: I've not had a problem with Firefox/W32 that wasn't related to an uncooperative extension.