Posted by shigpit 10 years ago
I bet the Stranger was a horny Dave Gahan. what do you think?  
Stranger: if you dont speak to me ill kill myself  
You: don't do it!  
Stranger: whew, that was close  
You: yeah man  
Stranger: you saved my life  
You: yay me  
You: i hope it was worth saving  
You: i'm guessing it was  
You: being that i don't know you  
Stranger: since you saved my life, you are forever indebted to me and must do everything i say  
You: uhhhhh  
You: i will not wear the french maid's outfit  
Stranger: i hate it anyway  
You: whew  
Stranger: you must obey my every command  
You: ...  
Stranger: hey, if i had saved your life, the shoe would be on the other foot, now wouldnt it?  
You: Well, if it were my other foot would be quite uncomfortable  
Stranger: i cant solve all your problems  
You: you're the one that almost killed yourself because a stranger was slow to say hi  
You: i'm thinking that's a bigger problem.  
Stranger: ah, but you jumped right in to save me from myself  
You: i probably would have said hi anyway, you know.  
Stranger: i doubt it  
Stranger: i know your type  
You: And what type would that be?  
Stranger: the type that thinks they are always in control  
You: ah, yeah, that.  
You: *makes like dr. evil and requests one beeeelion dollars*  
Stranger: so, anonymous internet stranger.. you now have to obey my every command  
You: i've been waiting for a command for 10 minutes or so.  
Stranger: you wouldnt shut up. you must be a woman  
You: lmao  
You: (looks down)  
You: no  
Stranger: oh. no.  
Stranger: i wasted all that energy for nothing  
You: lmfao  
Stranger: fuck  
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