The axe has dropped
Posted by XIV 10 years ago
An email from the manager with no subject drops in the inbox, expressing sorrow and veiled professionalism. I look around, seems there's about 10 less people then there's supposed to be. And XIV is still standing pretty in the aftermath. Regret and sorrow mixed with a slight dash of relief/jubilation fills the room. I shall purchase a 40 and pour it out for my fallen cubemonkey brethren...
pdxpogo: Sign o' teh Times least your still standing.
LowFlyingMule: We had "The Meeting" today, after 2 days of ultra-top secret meetings. 15 layoffs, 34 open positions that will not be filled, restructured benefits for 2 thirds of the employee population, and everyone above the grade of VP took a 5-15 %  
pay cut...bad times, man.  
Glad you made it thru.
LowFlyingMule: Err...make that VP and above.  
I was unharmed in this round, BTW.
FoolProof: I've been Neo-ing bullets, too.